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Hi, I’m Shannyn, owner of Orange Fedora Health and Wellness! I’m so excited that you’re ready to take your health to a whole new level!

Here at Orange Fedora, we look at whole health... that is, the health of the whole person.  This includes your body, mind, spirit, love, and expression. If one of these links is broken or missing, the others don’t work as well. So, whether you struggle with food, fitness, stress, relationships, creativity, communication, mindset, etc... or you just want to polish up your life a bit and live more fully... I am here to help! With a program designed specifically to meet your goals, I can help you improve your overall wellness and


(To find out what this "Fancy" is, check out Journal Entry #1... I look forward to hearing from you!)

Shannyn K. Marlen, Owner (CHHC, AADP, mbgFNG, CPT, RN)



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