– What is Health, Anyway? –

People often associate the term "health" with diet and exercise, and those are certainly significant pieces of the puzzle (though I like to refer to them as nutrition and fitness!); but, here at Orange Fedora, we look at whole health... that is, the health of the whole person.  For example, you could meet someone who is the most athletic person with the most impeccable diet, whose health is truly suffering... because he/she is unfulfilled at work and makes no time for self-care.  Maybe you know someone who is incredibly spiritual and financially stable, but dinner consists of fast food and soda, and activity level caps off at walking from the car to the office.  You get the idea.

Another important note is that what is healthy for one person is not necessarily healthy for another. Similarly, what is healthy for you now might change down the road. These truths make health a very fluid concept, one that could greatly benefit from coaching and guidance along the way!


Orange Fedora focuses on The following keys to Unlock Your Fanicest health:

* BODY (nutrition, movement, physical wellness)

* MIND (stress reduction, education, career, finances)

* SPIRIT (beliefs, emotions, peace, joy)

* LOVE (self-care, relationships, community)

* EXPRESSION (self-awareness, communication, art, gratitude)


Orange Fedora can help you:

* achieve a healthy weight

* choose nutritious foods and increase activity levels

* improve energy and reduce stress

* organize your finances and find fulfillment in your work

* hone in on your thoughts and feelings

* value yourself and find your tribe

* get to know yourself and your communication style

* discover your creativity

* practice genuine gratitude


My goal is to help you remove the toxicity from your life and replace it with delicious health!

Whether you struggle with toxic food, lack of exercise, toxic relationships, lack of creativity, toxic mindset, etc... or you just want to polish up your life a bit and live more fully... Orange Fedora is here to help!  As your dedicated Health and Lifestyle Coach, mentor, and personal cheerleader, I am committed to helping you identify and improve those areas of your health which you feel need a bit of refining.  With a program designed specifically to meet your goals, I am here to help you improve your overall wellness and


(To find out what this "Fancy" is, check out Journal Entry #1... I look forward to hearing from you!)




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