Meet the Owner!



Shannyn has been involved in nutrition, health, and wellness for over 25 years and is the proud owner of Orange Fedora, a wellness company specializing in mindfulness and functional nutrition. She is a Board-Certified Holistic Health Coach, Functional Nutrition Guide, Certified Personal Trainer, and Registered Nurse.

Orange Fedora Health and Wellness was born out of a combination of Shannyn’s personal journey, background in nursing, and studies in functional nutrition. The goal of Orange Fedora is to help you achieve sustainable, well-rounded, and vibrant health by offering unparalleled programs that simplify health, make it fun, and plug it into your real life so you can focus on actually living it!

For a bit more of the story behind Orange Fedora - and to learn about this “fancy” you’re going to find - head over to Journal Entry #1! If you prefer the fairy tale version, click here three times (actually, once will do the trick!).

Outside of Orange Fedora and her many writing ventures, Shannyn can be found perfecting her form on the ballroom dance floor, relaxing at the beach, singing in the car, hitting the gym, enjoying nature, dabbling in photography, spending time with friends, or with her nose in a book and her cats on her lap at home in Los Angeles, CA.