“All In” Online Workshop

How to Live Life the Way Life is Meant to be Lived

Hey, New Friend! Let me ask you…

Do you feel like the days all run into each other, one hum-drum task after the next? Ever wonder how your life ended up quite "like THIS?!" Do you mindlessly go through each day just to get to the weekend… only to do nothing but binge-watch TV? Are you part of the “What If?” club? DO you lack passion, purpose, creativity? Are you unable to answer the question, “So, what do you do for fun?” Are you TIRED? BORED? OVERWHELMED? OVEREXTENDED? OVER-OBLIGATED? OVER-STRESSED? OVER-ANXIOUS? OVER-REACTIVE? And…

Are You OVER IT?!

How many YEARS have you wasted feeling like this?! Stop letting life pass you by! NO MORE WASTING TIME!

Add a splash of light, a dash of color, and a handful of awesomeness to your world! Find your drive, your art, your talent; find people who “get” you. Grab onto activities and jobs that delight, inspire, and fulfill you! Stop worrying! Learn how to shift your mindset, gain positive perspective, and take control of YOUR LIFE!


Well, have I got a Workshop for you!!!

Hi!!!  I’m Shannyn, owner of Orange Fedora Health and Wellness, and you may already know that one of my specialties is MINDFULNESS.  What is that, you ask? Mindfulness isn’t some obscure “woo-woo” thing that only certain people do, have, or get. 

Mindfulness is for everyone! 

In short, it’s AWARENESS of yourself and others, being PRESENT and GRATEFUL, recognizing patterns and INSPIRATION when they pop up, having a POSITIVE MINDSET, and totally WINNING at life!

Mindfulness looks different ON everyone, and you get to choose how it looks best on YOU!

Not everyone comes by mindfulness easily.  Let’s face it, the world is beautiful, but filled with challenges.  We have responsibilities, obligations, and demands placed upon us.  We have bills, families, jobs, friends, errands, and chores (didn’t I JUST vacuum YESTERDAY?!).  We end up going through the motions of life rather than really LIVING it.

Ever turned to a co-worker and said something like, “How is it JUNE already?!”

Yep, me too! One day turns into the next… and then the next… and then the next…

What’s more is that life gets SO busy, we risk being pulled in directions that don’t serve us physically, emotionally, or spiritually.  AND… some of us (maybe even since childhood!) have been taught negative habits, beliefs, and thought patterns associated with the hustle and bustle of life… and we never considered or knew how to change them!


As a kid, I was plagued by fear; exposed to negative words, actions, and people; burdened with a constant drive to be perfect.  As a teenager, things got really bad… anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anorexia, the works.


And i bet you’re wondering…

how in the world did I escape the madness?!  To answer that question, I decided to write a book:

All In:  How to Live Life the Way Life is Meant to be Lived.

The author does an amazing job giving readers the inspiration to take control and ownership of life. She makes complex concepts relatable and easy to apply.
— Christi B.

(Thanks, Christi! That’s so sweet!)

It’s a fun little book, a quick read, and something you’ll want to reference over and over again.  While it seems simple at first glance, it’s chalk-full of rich concepts, and it challenges readers (YOU!) to get super reflective about their choices, mindsets, and lives.  That said, I promised during the writing of my book to create a Workshop to accompany it…

and I always make good on my promises!

Without further ado, it is my ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to invite you to participate in the “All In” Online Workshop(cue the band!)

Want to Know More About the “All In” Online Workshop?

I’m SO glad you asked!  It’s SUPER SIMPLE!

This Workshop is designed as a 4-week program, but it’s entirely SELF-PACED… so take it at a speed that feels right for YOU!  March to the beat of your own drum, friend! 

Here’s what you do:

  1. Choose one of the three options that jives best with you! (You’ll see these when you scroll down, can’t miss ‘em!)

  2. Click your fave and join the Workshop!

  3. A few minutes later, you’ll receive an email with your complimentary downloadable Workbook laying out a roadmap for the Workshop.

    IMPORTANT: The cover page of your Workbook provides a link and password to the Workshop Audio Files so you can get started immediately!
    (The welcome page also provides a link to purchase my book if you’re so inclined!)

  4. At the end of your Workbook are instructions for the next steps once you complete the Workshop. This part is super important for those of you who choose an option with a session included!

(I might even have some special offers for you at the end of your session!  Wink, wink!)


The “All In” Online Workshop…

What it IS:

This Workshop is designed to get your mind rolling, so put on your thinking cap and get ready to hunker down!  You’ll get the most out of it if you spend some decent time reflecting, writing, and really putting the effort in.  If you’re not ready to think and work, this is not for you!

What it ISN’T:

This Workshop is NOT intended to guide you to make rash decisions.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am the furthest thing from rash.  You want to be reflective and proactive, yet cautious and deliberate at the same time.  This Workshop is also NOT intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical/psychiatric care.  If you suffer from a medical/psychiatric condition, DO NOT join the Workshop; instead, consult with your primary healthcare provider.

What You’ll GAIN:

  • unique perspectives on topics such as:

    * fear * love * motivation * mindset * relationships * balance * energy * gratitude *

  • the opportunity to be reflective and introspective

  • the ability to decipher what does and does not serve you

  • an understanding of what motivates you

  • freedom from monotony, frustration, negativity, and worry

  • a deeper relationship with yourself

  • a gold mine of tools and simple life hacks for when the going gets tough!

This Workshop IS FOR YOU if you’re…

  • feeling stuck, or like you’re living in monotone

  • feeling obligated to events, people, or tasks that don’t serve or inspire you

  • feeling overextended

  • lacking passion or purpose

  • easily stressed, anxious, or reactive

  • mindlessly plugging along in life

  • just plain bored


  • you’re excited to LEARN!

  • you’re 100% ready to make some changes and shift your MINDSET!

  • you’re willing to take responsibility for your actions and your LIFE!

This Workshop is NOT FOR YOU if you…

  • start every sentence with “Well yeah, BUT…”

  • are unwilling to be reflective and do the work

  • are not up for learning and being open to new concepts

  • don’t want to change anything

  • are already fulfilled and 100% ecstatic about your life


  • have a medical/psychiatric condition which prevents you from safely participating.


ARE…..….. YOU…….... READY?!?!?!?! 

Click your favorite option below to join the “All In” Online Workshop!

(package descriptions are just beneath your Workshop options!)


Solo is My Jam!

This option includes the Workshop only. It’s ideal for those who prefer to work independently through the audio files, book, and worksheets.

I’m All In!

This option includes the Workshop and one 30-minute session with me! (Instructions to set up your session are included in your Workbook.)

Girl’s Got Goals!

This option includes the Workshop and one 60-minute session with me! (Instructions to set up your session are included in your Workbook.)

 Let’s See… What Else? Oh yeah!

Rules and Stuff:

Covered in full detail in our Terms of Service, there are a few points worth repeating:

  1. Refund Policy:  Due to the digital and self-paced nature of the “All In” Online Workshop, it is non-refundable.  Give some good thought to your decision, and then go ALL IN!

  2. Stealing Isn’t Cool (and I know you’re not like that!):  All communication, worksheets, and other materials provided are the Intellectual Property of Orange Fedora Health and Wellness.  Copying, sharing, or altering them in any way is prohibited by law.

  3. Personal Responsibility:  What you put into the Workshop, you get out of it.  You are responsible for your successful participation, as well as the choices that you make before, during, and after the Workshop.

  4. Disclaimer:  Click here for our disclaimer.


Questions?  Check out the FAQ below or shoot me an email here.

Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you in the “All In” Online Workshop!


Until Then… Be Well and Be Good!


P.S. If you have a friend who you think would love this Workshop, pass the info along!

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When can I start?

I LOVE your enthusiasm… you can start immediately!  You’ll receive your Workbook via email within minutes of completing your purchase.  YAY!

Do I need the book in order to participate in the Workshop?

Nope! The audio files provide you with the book “on tape” read by yours truly! I still recommend that you grab the book too, as it’s an invaluable resource to have on hand, but that’s totally up to you!

What if I fall behind in the Workshop?

No such thing! This program is entirely SELF-PACED. Complete it when you have time… little by little or all at once!

Is there an interactive component to the Workshop?

If you choose an option that includes a session with me, then yes.  Otherwise, there is not an interactive or group component included in this Workshop.

Can I purchase additional coaching sessions with you?

Absolutely!!!  Check out our Individual Coaching packages here and Concierge Coaching here!

May I share this Workshop with friends or family members so we can go through it together?

Thank you for asking. The “All In” Online Workshop is available for individual purchase/use only.  Sharing it with others without express written permission from Orange Fedora Health and Wellness is considered theft and copyright violation.  I have faith in your integrity; please purchase the Workshop individually.