Artichoke Chicken

~ makes 6 servings ~


1.5 lb organic free-range chicken breast
12-oz. jar marinated artichoke hearts
(seriously, that's it!)


1.  Pre-heat oven to 350F.

2.  Line glass baking dish with foil, place chicken in dish, pour entire contents of artichoke jar on top of chicken (the marinade lends to REALLY moist chicken!).

3.  Cover with foil, and bake for approximately 60-75 minutes.

(Baking times vary depending on your oven, the thickness of the chicken, etc.  Please check dish regularly, and adjust time accordingly.  Refrigerate leftovers.)


1.  Serve on top of an organic arugula/spinach mix.

2.  Shred chicken and use in a mixed salad.

3.  Serve with a side of quinoa and diced vegetbles.