#27: Expanding the Mind

Good morning, and Happy Sunday! 

This week has brought education to the forefront with my CPT exam (which I passed, yay!).  I thought it would be something worth discussing since not everyone is drawn to studying, exams, and formal education.  Personally, I LOVE to learn!  I have two college degrees, five certifications, and plans for one or two things in the near future.  Though, while I do like formal education, I also enjoy learning in several other capacities.  I am a sponge when it comes to information! 

Good news for everyone:  education does not always have to involve textbooks and studying in the traditional sense.  One of my clients said that she is choosing “to educate myself on ME.”  We are tackling this in our sessions, and she has come a long way!  So, that’s one way you can learn about yourself:  through health coaching.  You may also like to take various workshops, attend a retreat (Radiant Life is scheduled for March 2019!), read self-help books, etc.

Maybe you’re comfortable with self-knowledge and self-awareness but want to learn more about others.  That type of education involves active listening, inquiring of people in circumstances that don’t necessarily call for it (i.e. in line at the grocery store), and recognizing patterns.  You can do this anytime and anywhere there are other people around willing to chat with you.  This may not seem like education, but developing and honing interpersonal skills is so beneficial.  It allows for empathy, connection, and community.

Perhaps you simply like to read.  Whether you enjoy history, new languages, classics, contemporary fiction, or online health websites, you are expanding your mind and broadening your horizons by bringing new information into your world.  Speaking of broadening your horizons, travel is another form of education (lucky for that, right?!).  You can learn about new cultures (whether within your own country or outside of it), try new foods, and have new experiences.  Into crosswords or sudoku?  That’s another form of education; you are challenging your brain.  Try a new hobby:  sewing, salsa classes, photography, computer classes… more education right there.

So, just because you think you’re not the stereotypical “brainiac” does not mean you can’t be a student.  When you learn new things, new synapses start firing in your brain, creating new connections and increased expansion of your knowledge, of your mind… of YOU! 

Now, get to it!  How will you educate yourself this week?!