#28: Victories

Hello, and Happy Sunday!

This week’s topic is the concept of victory. I had a final session with a client this week, completing her first 6-month program. Her list of victories was extensive, tangible, and exciting. She will be continuing with another 6-month program, and we are already mapping out the next slew of victories. It’s so awesome to see this type of progress, and I am ecstatic to be a part of it!

There is another type of victory, though. The type that people call “small victories.” Well, I don’t believe in small victories. A victory is a victory, and that’s it. If you set your mind to doing something, you actively work toward it, and you succeed… that is a victory. It could be losing 10 pounds before the holidays; it could be choosing a positive attitude for the day; it could be keeping up with your exercise routine; it could be creating a new recipe; or, it could be remaining focused on a personal choice. There are no small victories. While you might be working steadily toward an end goal, you may sometimes find it difficult to see your daily progress; however, each moment that you put forth effort toward that goal, it counts as a victory. Allow yourself the credit for that. Allow others to encourage, appreciate, and acknowledge you for it. In case I didn’t mention before… there are no small victories.

Until next week!