#29: Nostalgia and Newness; Warm Fuzzies and Love

Hello, and Happy Sunday!  This week has brought about folks from both my distant past and recent past, as well as the new lovelies I so adore.  It has been such a week of nostalgia and – at the same time – newness.

I’ve had the pleasure of gaining several substantial relationships within the last couple of years, and as they grow and develop, I am pleased to report that old friends have popped back up as well.  It’s so interesting to me, as I hear a voice on the phone or drive through my old stomping grounds, how I feel immediately transported back to that place and time when those people first appeared in my life.  It is as though no time has passed. 

The mind is an amazing thing, how it utilizes all the senses to stir up feelings and memories.  As I reflect on these memories, I see how quickly life flies by and find myself in awe of how much has happened in such a short expanse of time.  Reflection helps you realize how precious time is, how much can be accomplished, and how important the people are who accompany you along the way.  It makes you see the important things in life and allows you to let go of the little silly things that never should have mattered in the first place.

There have been so many warm fuzzies this week, as I’ve had long and in-depth conversations with both old friends and new, productive business meetings, and lovely dinners.  I am beyond blessed and grateful for my tribe and the number of stories I am able to share with them, as well as those stories we recall together.  It’s not often that one single week is so saturated with these amazing moments, and I feel compelled to hang onto the yummy feelings and paint my days with them.

Now, for the lesson… because in all things, there is always a lesson!  Remember that holistic health does not equate to chanting, burning incense, drinking obscure tonics, and never taking Excedrin for your migraine (unless these items happen to fit into your journey!).  It means looking at the WHOLE of your health and taking care of all of it:  your body, mind, spirit, love, and expression.  One of the most profound aspects of health is love (both in my opinion and in many research studies):  the relationships you have with yourself and others… and love is quite possibly the most ignored and endangered area of health as well, especially in light of the overuse/misuse of technology these days.  There is such greatness in technology, but use it wisely and with purpose, and not at the expense of having real and defining experiences. 

This week, my friends, please take the time to explore the love in your life.  Take time for yourself with a bubble bath or walk in nature; maybe dive into a new book or do something else that helps you appreciate yourself.  Take time with loved ones and interact with them (in person!), creating those wonderful memories that will one day revisit you and give you the same kind of warm fuzzies I’ve enjoyed this week.  Cheers!