#26: Manifest This, Manifest That

Hello, and happy Sunday!

I love my sprained ankle! It’s giving me so much content, haha! Let’s talk about manifestation. People get all up in arms when you tell them that they are attracting/manifesting what is happening to them. They don’t want to take responsibility or ownership of it if it’s not stellar and IG/FB-worthy. Here’s the thing: it comes back to perspective. Bad things might happen, but if you change your perception of them, then they are not all THAT terrible, and you can maybe feel a bit better about having attracted said situations in the first place! Example: MY ANKLE!

It didn’t take me long to figure out why this happened; as a matter of fact, I mentioned why it happened in the initial post. I kept putting out the energy of wanting/needing to slow down, trying everything under the sun to relax; yet, try as I might, it just didn’t work! The energy persisted, as I both consciously and subconsciously sought this ever-elusive slowed pace; and then, BOOM! Sprained ankle! Mission accomplished! Ask and you shall receive! This is PRECISELY why that list of gratitudes poured right out of me the day it happened… because I asked… and I RECEIVED! My pace has definitely been slowed, as I still pay very close attention to my steps… and a few pleasant surprises have come my way over the past two weeks. Coincidence? Nope. See, it’s like this: what you attract into your life does not always come in the package you expect. It’s the outcome that matters.

So, the next time you are running late, miss the elevator, don’t make it to Trader Joe’s before 9p, hit every red light, or Starbucks runs out of almond milk… shift your perspective, look at the big picture outcome of that small “inconvenience,” and uncover what it is you’ve manifested and why. It’s really fun… like a puzzle!