#32: Comfort in Consistency

There is comfort in consistency.  People often say that it is important for kids to have routine, and it’s true; but, I believe it to be equally important for adults.  This is NOT to be confused with boredom and monotony! Never! Follow me for a minute:

It’s funny because of all the people who know me well, some would say I’m a creature of habit, and others would say I am super adventurous.  They’re both right. Depending on which side they see more, it actually reveals something interesting about THEM, not me. That’s a topic for another day though ;)

Early on, I established some ground rules for my life, a firm platform (with some springs underneath!)… one from which I can jump into adventure and calculated chance… and always have somewhere safe to land.  Life can get off track and crazy, such is the nature of our journeys here on Earth.  When things feel like a bit of a jumbled mess, just get back to the basics:  your chill, ordered routine.  Return to your foundation, re-claim your calm, and get ready for the next adventure.  My life has been pretty hectic over the last couple of months; but, as I rode the waves, I continued my healthy diet and workouts (despite the sprained ankle which was one of the waves!), my weekly Journal posts, my daily IG posts, my incessant list-making (I LOVE lists!), my trips into nature, and my friendships (this one is KEY!!).  Now that my ankle is doing much better, I was able to re-introduce another staple of mine last week:  dance!  Because of this platform - these well-cultivated and comfortable pieces of my life - I can easily navigate the waves and eventually calm them.  Did you notice that my routine incorporates all five of Orange Fedora’s primary puzzle pieces of health?  Body, mind, spirit, love, and expression.

So… what does your foundation look like?  Do you have a bit of order to fall back on when life gets out of hand?  Perhaps you have a long list, or maybe it’s something simple… like five minutes of deep breathing exercises in the morning or unwinding with a cup of herbal tea each night.  If you don’t have anything in particular just yet, that’s okay.  Jot down a few ideas, see what you come up with, and then give it a whirl.  Let me know how it goes!