#33: Gratitude and Thanksgiving

I hope this email finds you all well and filled with thanks… and delicious, nutritious food! 

I had a quiet Thanksgiving Day, yet – against my every effort – ended up at Target that evening.  I had a bit of de ja vu, as it seems that every other year on Thanksgiving weekend, I have an appliance go out.  I just noticed this pattern. Maybe it will stop now? ;) This year, it was my vacuum.  It broke on Thanksgiving afternoon… and, yes, I had to replace it that day.  I usually do my best to stay home the entire weekend of Thanksgiving to avoid traffic and crazy crowds (not my thing!), but apparently that was not to be my fate – yet again – this year.  It actually wasn’t too bad though.  I got to Target at 4:15PM, not realizing that it didn’t open until 5PM.  There was a line in front of the store, railings posted, and security guards milling about.  I sat in my car watching the line grow as 5PM approached.  At 5:10PM, when all the cold folks waiting outside had made it into the store, I got out of my car, headed directly to the vacuums, purchased the one I wanted, and got the heck out of there!  I returned home, cleaned my floors, took a shower, and settled in for the evening.

I have so much to be thankful for that I won’t make you read the entire list; however, as is my nature, I took a rather unwelcome situation (actually, two: the vacuum going out AND having to be at Target on Thanksgiving Day!) and created a quick list of additional things for which to be grateful.  So, here is that list for you, in no particular order:

* I have carpets that require a vacuum, which means I have a place to live.

* I have my kitties waiting at home for their floors to be cleaned.

* Target is a 2-minute drive from my apartment.

* I have the ability to purchase a new vacuum when I need it.

* I have the sensibility not to buy an absurdly expensive vacuum.

* My vacuum happened to be $10 off.

* My new vacuum is sturdy, giving me a slight upper body and core workout.

* My new vacuum works like a charm, leaving my floors SUPER clean, all the neat lines in place!

* The vacuum I bought is a Bissell, and Bissell donates to animal charities.

* I saw a beautiful sunset from the Target parking lot just before I headed into the store.


It is always a good time to give thanks!


Happy Thanksgiving!