#30: Challenges

Good morning, and Happy Sunday! How did you enjoy your extra hour of sleep?! I got some great rest last night after a long conversation with a good friend… what an awesome way to roll into this new week!

Today’s post shall be about challenges. If you know me, you know that I will never say that I had a “crappy” day or “yesterday sucked.” I don’t believe in this type of energy. My life is certainly not all peaches and cream; things come up, life happens. However, when something rough goes down, I choose to call it a challenge… because in a challenge, there is always a lesson; and when you learn a lesson, you grow; and when you grow, you win.

Last Monday, an upsetting circumstance presented itself and threw me for a loop. Well, I am the poster child for resilience, finding a silver lining, and becoming better and stronger because of challenges. So, on Tuesday, I shoved my arm shoulder-deep into my overflowing grab bag of tools and pulled out a handful of the most powerful. First, I went to the beach, one of my happy places. While there, I met a new friend and experienced the kindness of a stranger. I breathed in that positive, and exhaled some of Monday. I went to work Wednesday - Saturday, feeling grateful for a job I love and co-workers and a boss who are extraordinary. I breathed in that gratitude, and exhaled more of Monday. I focused on my workouts and contacted my dance instructor to set up my first lesson back since my sprained ankle. I breathed in that excitement, and exhaled even more of Monday. I read excerpts from my favorite book and reminded myself of the awesomeness of connecting the dots of life. I breathed in that perspective, and let go of a few more pieces of Monday. I spent the entire week surrounding myself with friends, both in person and with telephone calls (for those super far away!). I breathed in those relationships, and released a bit more of Monday.

Now, less than one week later, though the circumstance of Monday is still present, I am able to see it with new eyes. Even upon a touch of sad reflection, I quickly blink to re-open those new eyes. Because I knew what I needed to do to turn the tables on Monday - and I actually DID those things - I have had a surge of new ideas for Orange Fedora (stay tuned!), I completed the first draft of my book (yes, my BOOK!), I spent precious time with friends, I had great conversations, I met new and wonderful people, I am ready to dance again, and I have sharpened my focus in life. Is all of this progress a coincidence? Nope, I don’t believe in those either. ;)