#36: Fitness Tips... and Celebration!

A couple of topics for you this week: fitness… and celebration!

Last week, I walked up to two guys on the treadmills at our apartment complex gym.  Me being social is definitely not unheard of, but this was for a specific purpose.  We were the only three in the gym, and the two of them were walking on treadmills next to each other, both with similar stance:  cell phone in hand, head hanging down staring at their phones, while the treadmill TVs were on.  They were like this literally the WHOLE time I was there (about 45 minutes).  I couldn’t help myself.

I walked up and politely asked them what IN THE WORLD was so intriguing on their phones!  I asked if they knew each other (they did!) because I honestly couldn’t tell since there was no interaction whatsoever.  I explained to them what I had noticed, and they laughed.  They each told me what they were working on, both with split attention between the TVs and their cell phones.  I talked to them about posture, breathing, muscles imbalances, and the dangers of multi-tasking.  I left out the mindfulness and relationship parts so as not to give them too hard of a time.  They were very kind and receptive, but I get the feeling when I left that they went back to doing the exact same thing.  Ah well.  A valiant effort.  Perhaps I will see them again and we can talk a bit more!

On that note, here are a few thoughts on fitness:

1.  Stick with your plan, even during the holidays!  It's important to take care of yourself ALL year long, not come to a screeching halt in December.  If you want to take an extra day or two off, or maybe go easy a bit, no problem... but, don't throw in the towel just because "well, it's the holiday season!"

2.  If you are a person who works out best alone, then do it mindfully:  focus on the workout, acknowledge your muscles, concentrate on your posture, maybe energize with music.  Splitting your attention and engaging in mindlessness does not do justice to what is at hand.  If you're so bored as to need your cell phone, the television, and your iTunes all going at the same time, maybe you need to shake up your fitness regimen.

3.  If you prefer to workout with friends, then engage with them.  Catch up on life, motivate and encourage one another, or simply enjoy their presence.  Don't mute them out with your headphones or be preoccupied with texting or responding to emails.  Be present. 

4.  No matter whether you're enjoying your workout alone or with someone else, BE SAFE!  Having too many distractions can lead to poor body mechanics, injuries, and more.

In other news, we had our Christmas party on Thursday!  It’s always fun to get dressed up with the work fam and have a night of fun!  We dined on delicious Italian food at Vivo (Universal City Walk), exchanged gifts, talked, laughed, and generally had a great time celebrating the season!  How do you spend the holidays?  Lots of parties or quiet nights in?  Gifts, cooking, baking, decorating trees and windows?  Traditions are comforting, and holidays are a great time to reflect on our many blessings and remind ourselves to acknowledge them all year long. 

Mid-December cheers to you! 


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