#37: Unexpected Adventures: Prioritize and Shift Your Mindset

This week has been something else!  Audrey Kate’s front brakes were crazy grinding and had to be replaced, so I did that on Tuesday, my day off.  On Wednesday after work, she wouldn’t start:  battery = toast.  I called AAA for a jump to get me home (about 20 miles away), and then woke the next morning at 4a so I could get ready for my day and call AAA again for another jump to get to the dealership (20 miles back, very close to where I had been stranded the night before!). I wanted to get there super early so I could be first in line, hoping she would be all fixed up before my shift that afternoon.  I waited with my poor car running for over 45 minutes before the dealership opened.  They were able to get me into a loaner vehicle and said my car would more than likely need to stay overnight because of the amount of time the diagnostics take.  Sigh.  I am not a fan of loaners, even though they are also MINIs.  I like MY car.  Ah well.  At least I knew I would be able to get to and from work, and I was grateful.  I drove back home, sat on the floor to play with my kitties for a minute, and proceeded to fall asleep on my floor, ha!  I woke about an hour later, worked out, ate breakfast, and got a call that my car was ready!  New battery, under warranty, yay!!!!  I drove back to the dealership and picked her up, grabbed coffee from my favorite spot, and went to work.  That was a lot of car stuff for one week.  Though Audrey Kate is still covered under her original warranty, it will expire in a few short months… so this week certainly reminded me why I spent so much money on additional warranties (three more years!!).


Throughout the course of this week’s unexpected responsibilities, I was super tired.  I have been very busy with lots of projects, and I love that… but when you add days of unexpected circumstances to an already-busy week, things can become a bit overwhelming… especially the week before Christmas!  So, I tapped into some old tricks that I’ve used in the past.  I worked full-time throughout my first college degree, and again through nursing school.  When things piled up, I would simply step back, prioritize, and commit to letting those little extra “I wish I could get this out of the way today” things fall by the wayside (SO hard for me!) … and lists remained amongst my closest allies.  Everything got done, always did.  Hey, they got done with honors too 😉


I used similar tools this week.  I stepped back and expressed gratitude for everything that had piled onto my plate (still not sure why it all piled up, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be grateful while I await the lessons!).  I looked at the most important items at hand, made a list, and it all got done… for free, no less… while making it to all my work shifts… and meeting some new people to pass out candy canes to throughout the week.  (I do this every December:  I keep candy canes in my car and hand them to people, like the folks at the security gate at work, the AAA guys, neighbors in my parking garage, etc.  I love it!). 

So, it all worked out.


Cheers to unexpected adventures, and cheers to you!  Merry Christmas!