#38: Photoshoot Complete!

Photoshoot complete!


My dear friend Greg and I set out Friday afternoon in search of perfect lighting.  We found it!  He is a PHENOMENAL photographer (check him out at gregorykeithphotography.com), not to mention an amazing person.  He worked with my non-professional modeling skills and made me look good on camera, haha!  I tend toward a bit of self-criticism, but having been friends for 22 years, Greg already knew this about me.  While I really tried not to voice too much of it, he would check me when necessary.  Greg is one of the few people in my life whom I trust to help me put things back into perspective and give me an honest opinion.  It’s important to have these folks in your circle.  I’m a story-teller by nature, so I can easily take one little thought or experience and create a very big and extravagant story out of it.  I like to think of it as part of my charm!  People laugh about my stories, and that makes me happy… but, sometimes my imagination does not serve me.  It is often easy to have perspective when you’re on the outside of a situation; but, when you’re in the middle of it, things can become skewed.  Greg and I have a lot in common, so I trust his input when I feel like my thoughts are reeling in an unproductive way.


That said, back to the photoshoot!  What was it for, you ask?!  My book!  I was planning to publish in March 2019, but I am nothing if not focused, so I went full speed ahead and will instead be publishing in January 2019!  Since iPhone selfies aren’t quite up to par as far as professional photos go, and my own Nikon does not have a tripod to her name, I asked Greg to snap a few with his (yes, we are Nikon kids; only the best over here!).  We ventured out into Pasadena incognito, coincidentally dressed all in blue with our blue-eyed brunette status proudly exhibited against our outfits. 


Here is some behind-the-scenes fun for you, and one of the many things we laughed about during our hour-long excursion.  I had gone to Greg’s house directly from work where I’d been wearing jeans.  Seeing as these were most likely to be portrait shots, we both agreed that there was no need to focus on what pants I was wearing.  Simply change the shirt.  One of my shirts was an easy and casual denim shirt… which put me denim-on-denim!  I am pretty sure that trend is back “in,” or at least it was recently, but I never took to it particularly, just not my style… so I kept laughing at how silly I thought I looked!  “Oh my God, look at me!  Hahaha!  What am I wearing?!  What is this?!”  Greg and I met when we were kids, and there is still a bit of “kid” left in both us… we decided to take some fun full-length photos because we were both in all blue, and we wanted to document the denim-on-denim!  All work and no play makes everyone boring!  We will never qualify as boring, that’s for sure!


We had so much fun; we had time to catch up on life; and then I took my brother to dinner.  😊


Happy New Year!