#5: In a Funk?

Agh, this has been kind of a challenging week, and I can't quite figure out why.  I mean, day after day, it seemed to be one thing or another... running into someone in a bad mood (I tend to absorb others' energy; it's something I'm working on!), having my intentions mistaken, not getting a call I WAS expecting, getting a text I WASN'T expecting, computer stuff not running smoothly, people not following through on what they told me, just being a touch more emotional than usual,  things like that.  They may each seem small and temporary, and that they are... but, when they are thrown at you all in the same week, well... FUNK.

I have always been a bit of a worrier... that "what if" type.  I have good reason for such, but it doesn't serve me... or you, if you're the type too.  Because I have been dealing with this part of my personality for decades now - and it was particularly bad in my teens and twenties - I have developed quite a skill in turning it around.  Usually, when something happens, I stop and take two or three slow deep breaths and remind myself that it is simply a moment in time.  I did that this week... but, I found that with the piling on of everything that happened in such a short span of time, it wasn't quite cutting it... so, this morning, after receiving that text I mentioned, I had finally had it.

"NO MORE!"  I said!  I lined up my morning listening to a couple of speakers on mindfulness, had a delicious protein smoothie, made a few adjustments to my workout routine, organized my desk, prepared a new list for the week, posted a new goal on my refrigerator, snuggled with my kitties, and then did a brief meditation.  In other words, I cared for my mind, my body, and my spirit.  Sound familiar?

None of this is a magic trick, however.  Problems and concerns don't usually just disappear because you want them to.  Where would be the growth in that?  The point is to have control over them, rather than the other way around.  I feel better than I did this morning, and that means everything is on the upswing.   I know that by addressing my WHOLE self, I am prepared for a positive, productive, successful, and amazing week!

How about you?  What are YOU doing to prepare for an awesome week ahead?!