#10: A Bit of Grace

Good morning, and happy Sunday!

I have a couple of little things for you today.  First, I know you all want to know how Elmee is doing.  I called her last week, and she is back home sounding better than ever!  She's eating well, drinking lots of water, laughing, reading, and playing the piano.  She also told me the marketing person at the rehab facility where she stayed has asked her to return to play the piano for the patients.  Elmee tells me she is putting together a program of music for the event, "of course some Beethoven and a few others that I think the people there may like."  So, not only is she better, back home, and on the piano again, but she has also landed herself a gig.  Go Elmee!

Now, how about a bit of grace?  I've had a long week:  lots going on (mostly exciting yet busy!), a touch of stress, and a continually-growing to-do list.  I went to bed last night after a 20-hour day (I don't recommend a day that long, FYI!), and I was about to set my alarm for my usual 6:30a when it occurred to me that I never sleep in.  I never allow my body and mind to just be.  So, I decided to give myself a break, a bit of grace... to allow myself to rest as my body and mind see fit... you know, without me getting in the way of myself.  I actually woke up at 6:27a and laughed, but I did go back to bed for a while until I woke again, feeling more rested.  I still have a lot to do today, but I'm taking my time with things instead of commanding self-imposed timelines on everything.  It is a messy-bun-no-make-up-take-a-nap-if-I-need kind of day.  It takes some getting used to, as I tend to thrive on structure... however, I thrive more on balance... and adding the occasional unstructured day helps to provide that balance.

I have the feeling that I'm probably not alone with this "go get 'em" kind of personality.  Maybe you also need a little balance, an unstructured day, a nap?  Share below what you do to give yourself grace!