#8: Which Way is Up?!

Aha, where do I start?!  First of all, Happy Sunday!  Thank you for visiting The Journal.  I do hope you have enjoyed everything thus far... if you are new to the read, start at Entry #1 so you don't miss any of the insights or references... there are a few little gems, I believe!

So, which way IS up?  I successfully piled my plate so high this week (metaphorically speaking), that I barely remembered my own name.  I couldn't tell which way was up, and I had a wild case of analysis paralysis (analytical?  who, ME?!).  I became overwhelmed with those sneaky little "what ifs," projecting way too far into the future, worrying needlessly (because ALL worrying is needless), and seemingly accomplished nothing.  SEEMINGLY. 

Then, I remembered something.  I AM AWESOME.  Anyone else?! 

Who else is awesome out there?!  Um, YOU are! 

I looked at my Instagram profile page and ended up inspiring myself.  Now, I can be a tough cookie when people need me to be (you can take the girl out of the ER, but you can't take the ER out of the girl!)... and I am personally the stubborn type (shocking!).  So, I told myself, "You are AWESOME!  And now you need to dial it back and check yourself."  So, for those of you who have these same tendencies, here are a few good tips:

1.  Remind yourself that YOU ARE AWESOME!  (not in a whiny, entitled, "poor me" way (you know the type); but in that relaxing, refreshing, genuine way... because you can legitimately explain to yourself - and anyone else - why you are, in fact, so very awesome)

2.  When it SEEMS like you have accomplished nothing, I will bet you a dime to a dollar that isn't accurate.  I look back on my week, and I accomplished A LOT... and in those instances when something didn't quite pan out as hoped, well, I learned a lesson in it (this takes practice; you can get there - I can help!)... and a lesson is ALWAYS an accomplishment.

3.  Make a list.  No joke, this saves my life!  Get it out of your head and onto paper... then, it all becomes something manageable; it is no longer the scary monster that you can't "see."

4.  Step out of your present circumstances.  Take a 20 minute walk or meditation, play with your kids or your pets - something to this effect - and commit to NOT thinking about all that overwhelms you.  When you come back, break down the list from #3 into small pieces and tackle accordingly, but with a refreshed mind and spirit.

5.  Here is a piece of advice that was given by a speaker at the luncheon I attended this week, and I love it:  "Nothing is ever as good or as bad as it seems."  Quick translation:  be humble, and let it go.

I could go on with life hacks like this... ah, a future book!  I have healed so much of myself through mindset.  I can, even during very stressful times, laugh and pretend to grab myself by the shoulders and say, "Get a hold of yourself, lady!"  Mindset is actually a big part of my coaching practice, and I so enjoy it because I've been there and made it through to the other side.  I know how it feels not to be there yet... and it is so exciting to help someone GET there.  It is really a practice that needs to be honed, but it works; it really, truly works.

In conclusion:  When you think there is no way out, then there isn't.  When you remind yourself to stop, breathe, and believe there is a way, then there is.  Which will you choose?