#11: "A-Ha!" Moments

Good afternoon, and happy Sunday!

This week has been yet another busy one for me... busy, but great!  I was very productive here at Orange Fedora, worked a lot at the studio, did a massive cleaning at my apartment, decided on my birthday trip in August, went to an employee screening of Jurassic World, and met up with a dear friend from out-of-town for dinner and girl talk!  I am about to get ready to see another friend for a beach day and early dinner, I have one more dinner tomorrow night, and coffee/lunch plans with another friend this Wednesday.  In the meantime, shows are coming off hiatus, the studio is bustling, work is prevalent, and my business is going strong!  My ongoing staples remain:  I work out 5-6 days per week, I'm working on a writing project, doing tons of research, reading, cooking, and hanging with my kitties.  See?!!!  All good!

Something that happens when life takes off lake a bandit (even when it's good!) is that we often forget to check in with ourselves.  The thing is, it's tough sometimes to recognize that we're not checking in because we're thinking, "Life is so full and amazing right now, how can anything need checking?!"  Now, I am pretty adept at noticing this, as I have been practicing it for a few years now... and when I saw my life taking off at the speed of light last week, I made time to stop for a few seconds, to stop and breathe.  By doing this, I was able to ask myself what I needed/wanted rather than getting caught up in all the excitement and making hasty decisions or decisions that would benefit everyone else BUT me. 

I had two major "A-ha!" moments this week.  One of them was deciding on my birthday trip.. I will be 40 in August, and I have been wavering about where to go.  Every time I would sit down to book a flight or check out a hotel, I would hesitate.  The best thing to do when that happens is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!  PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!  There is a reason you are hesitating!!! Should I get the jeans?   ... eh... NO!  Should I cut my hair?  ...eh... NO!  Should I go out with that guy?  ...eh... NO!  Should I book the flight? ...eh... NO!  That's how those self conversations should go... NOT "well, I guess..." 

"Well, I guess..." NOTHING!  This is your amazing life!  Be certain!  Live fully!

When you pay attention, eventually that glorious moment will come when you recognize something (like I did with the trip I chose)... it's almost magnetic, a draw, something meant to be... and you have this wonderful and undoubted sense of peace... THAT'S when you know!  Once you have that feeling, you will recognize it as more things reveal themselves to you.  The next morning, I had another "A-ha!" moment and knew it immediately.  You start to crave more of these definitive moments, and you remind yourself to step back with a breath and sense of calm and simply to wait.  Wait for those moments to come.  They will save you loads of time, money, and misplaced energy!

How to get there?  Ah, it depends where you are on your wellness journey.  This is perhaps a post for another day, as there are several steps to take in order to truly get in touch with yourself.  Many people have experienced these "A-ha!" moments and consider them random chance; however, you need to be very physically, mentally, and emotionally self-aware in order to attract these moments regularly.  Begin to create your healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy spirit, and you will begin to attract your moments.

More on all of this later, but here are a few suggestions for now:  slow down a touch, focus on breathing, answer yourself in absolutes (i.e. yes or no... not, "well, yes, BUT..."), remind yourself of your awesomeness, and try to never do anything without complete contentment.

And now... the beach is calling!