#14: Winning

Happy Sunday!  

In conclusion of The World Cup, I thought winning would be an awesome topic to cover.  See, my friend is French, and I am - amongst other things - Croatian.  He was super excited that France won and was talking about how the party in Paris is likely in full swing.  He mentioned that the Croatians appear to be partying as well because this Cup is the best they've done to date.  I think he was kind of razzing me, as if to say, "well, 2nd place is better than nothing..."  and I say that's amazing!   The Croatian team is not sulking for taking second, but celebrating and congratulating each other for their accomplishments!  The team effort, the journey, and their own personal and team bests... those things equal the win!

First of all, let me admit that I don't watch soccer at all, ever.  It's just not my sport.  I find the people who play to be incredibly athletic and talented, but it's simply not my preference.  I do, however, enjoy seeing people come together to support their respective countries, to have legitimate and friendly competition, and to cheer each other on... so it's fun to participate on that level. 

With regards to health, take a Croatian soccer team stance... don't judge yourself based on another's accomplishments, physique, diet, fitness level, or goals... and don't assume because you're not "the best," that you're not freaking awesome!  You do you.  Start where you are, set reasonable goals, allow yourself the opportunity to have little set backs along the way, get back on track when you slip, and celebrate your OWN progress!  Strive to be the best you can each day, to make the best choices, and to be human along the way.  I always say my goal today is to be better than I was yesterday... and each day, that means something different and new.

Do your best; dance with life;


That, my friends, is winning!