#15: Flexibility

Happy Sunday!  This past week has reveled flexibility as a common theme, in more ways than one... and so I bring you a few thoughts on the subject.

Here's the easy one:  physical flexibility!  My friends and I took a Cirque Class yesterday, testing the limits of our strength and flexibility - it was SO much fun, and such an amazing way to bond with friends!  (Check out my IG or FB for photos!)  Flexibility is an often overlooked aspect of physical fitness (I'm guilty!), but it is important for many reasons, a few of which include the following:  simple ease of daily movement, decreased risk for injury (both in the gym and out), decreased likelihood of sore muscles after working out, increased respiratory ability, and improved quality of sleep.  Maybe you're not quite up for a Cirque class, but try adding in 5-10 minutes of simple stretching to your daily routine and see what differences you notice.

Now for flexibility of the mind:  not as tough as you might think, but probably a bit different than you assume.  An active brain is a healthy one, and focusing on singular in-depth activities (as opposed to constantly multi-tasking) helps to keep your mind flexible, adaptable, and sharp.  Interesting fact:  did you know that multi-tasking is linked to the development of Alzheimer's?  Truth.  How can you keep your brain flexible and healthy?  Sudoku, word games, and math games?  Sure.  For a more fulfilling and effective option, however, try picking up a new hobby (like learning the violin or taking a salsa class)... even more fulfilling and effective than that, find a purpose, develop goals, and spend time nurturing relationships.  These are the big guns that will not only enhance your spiritual and relationship health, but also keep your brain on point.

Speaking of relationships, how about a smidge of flexibility there?  Oh no!  What?!  Haha!  This can be tough, but if you want to keep the good ones around, you need to be flexible (as your loved ones should be with you also!).  Practice compromise, establish clear and loving communication, and learn to relax a little.  Yes, plans are awesome (I am quite the planner myself!), but sometimes just going with the flow in a social setting takes a lot of pressure off both yourself AND the other person.  Go ahead, give it a whirl.

In Cirque School, we hit all three areas of flexibility:  the physicality of the class, the focus of learning one new trick at a time, and the strengthening of friendships.  So... who's coming next time?!