#16: Prioritizing

Happy Sunday!  This week, let's chat about prioritizing...

I am no stranger to having so many things on my plate that it's spilling over.  I used to work all the time because I was afraid of financial instability, I thought I needed to fix things for everyone else, and I didn't have much going on in my personal life.  I had one per diem job that I loved (still have it, yay!), but I also had a full-time job that was killing me.  Over the past few years (since I found MY fancy!!!), I have made big changes.  Now, I have my per diem job and a part-time job, as well as my own business.  I am still very busy, but I wake up everyday knowing I get to do work that I love (any of the three, sometimes ALL three!).  I am also working on additional certifications, working out my usual 5-6 days per week, writing, co-organizing a women's wellness retreat (shoot me a message if you're interested in details!), and growing a few very important relationships in my life.  Like I said, VERY busy, but ALL amazing things that are so special to me!  This is an extraordinary thing, to have a life overflowing with awesomeness and fulfillment, and I am so grateful and blessed to have finally arrived at this place.  However, I also recognize the importance of downtime, "me" time, rest, and sleep.  I carve out times during the week to hang with my kitties, read fiction, curl my hair, listen to Frank Sinatra, plan little excursions, do the occasional online shopping, and I shoot for seven hours of sleep each night.  Because I do this, I am able to fully participate in each job, activity, and relationship with focus, attention, and heart.

It's easy to become overwhelmed when you have a lot on your plate (even when everything going on is good!); therefore, it is important to prioritize, know where to set your boundaries (maybe not picking up that second double shift in a week), and not to spread yourself too thin.  Lists, calendars, and timelines help me A LOT!!  Remember this:  if you do not take care of yourself and/or you are exhausting your energy resources, you are really not doing justice to yourself, your loved ones, or the tasks at hand.

Takeaway:  focus your attention on what you are doing at any given time, be grateful in all things, know when to politely decline, ask for help, take time to regenerate, and make the most important people/activites in life your top priorities.