#20: In Omnia Paratus

Hello, and happy Sunday!  Today brings a little lesson in Latin, In Omnia Paratus:  Ready for All Things.

So, my birthday week officially came to an end (though I do have a few friends to celebrate with still, once our schedules allow!).  While I had some great experiences, it was kind of a tough birthday, to be honest... and, it has nothing to do with my age specifically.  I am the healthiest I have ever been, and I am pretty happy with how Father Time has treated me ;)  however, I have a lot on my emotional plate at the moment.  Of late, I've had to re-frame many relationships in my life, recognize that my tendency to give too much still needs to be wrangled, and there are some tumultuous waters in other areas as well.  It has made for a challenging week.

I tell you this because many people think that when someone is involved in Holistic Health and has access to such great ideas and perspectives, and so much knowledge regarding nutrition and fitness... that somehow we are exempt from difficulty.  I also know many in health and wellness who put up that front intentionally.  I am not that person.  I am real, and I am honest.  I believe that is how people can heal, by knowing that we (in the wellness community) are also human, and we also struggle.

See, the goal is not to have a "perfect" flawless life without difficulties... because that simply doesn't exist.  Life is great, but it can also be tough; there are ebbs and flows.  The goal is to have and utilize the tools to get your through the challenges.  I have these tools, and this week has put them to good use... and so I move through the tough stuff, have faith in the process, and look forward to the positive that will come from all of it.  I choose my path step by step, being present with each difficult circumstance, rather than feeling overwhelmed by all of them at the same time.  I make the best decisions I can with the information I have... and then I move on. 

You can do this too.  It takes a lot of work and a lot of practice, and it is not even close to a quick fix.  It is a way of life... a way of life that you choose.  If you need help starting or want guidance along the way (or both!), send me a message, and we can find the program that is right for you.  I really want to help people who struggle with this because I know first-hand what challenges feel like (understatement!), but also how rewarding and imperative it is to find a healthy mindset.

That said, as I dance through the aftermath of this past week, I focus on the little shoulder taps of encouragement I get along the way.  For example, as I am about to post to Instagram... I received a letter (dated on my birthday) that I have been granted full board certification by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners!  I am so excited!!!  I applied for this about six weeks ago, so I was expecting the letter, I just didn't know when.  Coincidence that it was dated on my birthday?  I think not.  It was like God's way of telling me during my tough birthday week, "hey, I got you."  I have also come up with new plans for the year, ideas that I wouldn't have thought of had the week been easy.  There is always a silver lining, and if you take a breath and step out of your circumstances for a minute to look, you can most certainly see it. 

Because I have a healthy mindset and a whole lot of faith, I can say with full confidence, "In Omnia Paratus."  Cheers!