#40: Shift Your Perspective, and Enjoy Every Task!

Hello, and happy Sunday!

This has been such a busy and productive week!  It seems like ages ago that I had all those wonderful interactions with my new government friends, but it was actually just a few days ago.  I chatted with a guy from the state, in the department that handles seller’s permits, because I needed one for my book.  He was super nice and walked me through the process.  Then, I had to handle some business license stuff down at City Hall, and THEY were super nice as well!  I spent Thursday ordering a proof copy of my book, submitting for the copyright, and then designing and ordering some fun surprises to go along with sales.

As you can see, the majority of my “free” time this month is going straight to my book!  I was supposed to publish in March, but the project took on a life of its own, so here I am, getting ready to publish by the end of January, yay!  This is what happens when you focus your energy 😊

Something to note:  the publishing process entails lots of little pieces.  While they might seem tedious for others, I enjoy both small details as well as learning, so I welcome all those little pieces.  I sometimes become a bit resistant to phone calls about confusing legal questions though, because part of me is concerned that my questions won’t be answered or that there will be some type of hiccup I’ll have to handle (or add to my very long “to-do” list!).  I decided, however, to re-frame my perspective on the tasks at hand (more about re-framing in my book!).  I chose to simply have fun on the call and make some new friends while running my errands.  I could actually hear the permit guy smiling on the other end of the phone as I filled out the online form, commenting along the way to make him laugh.  Seller’s permit obtained, mission accomplished!  We ended up chatting for a bit:  he told me about his family, I learned that the first concert he attended was Earth, Wind, and Fire… and before we ended the call, he said he will be keeping an eye out for my book on Amazon!  As far as my trip to City Hall… well, I live in Pasadena, so I didn’t mind going there at all!  It’s clean and mellow, and every person who helped me smiled… if not initially, they did by the time I left their windows (maybe they had a long morning, or the last person they helped wasn’t particularly friendly?).  Seeing them smile made me happy.  I like brightening someone else’s day, and it’s so easy to do because all you have to do is be kind and genuine.  I gave my new City Hall friends some business cards and invited them to follow me on IG and grab my book on Amazon when it’s released.  They said they would, yay!

Gosh, look at what a wonderful and productive day I had and the ripple effect that it created, simply by going into it with a positive mindset… hmm…

Oh, by the way, I also updated my website a bit yesterday… check out the Home and About pages.  Hats off once again to my amazingly talented friend Greg for those photos of yours truly! Speaking of the website, stay tuned for a new page entitled… you guessed it… “Books” 😊 It’s coming soon, on my list of things to do this week! 

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Until then, friends!