#39: Goals, Growth, and Manifestation... 2019, Starting Strong!


Happy New Year!  Happy First-Post-of-2019! 

This year has already started out strong!  So strong, in fact, that I have to keep today’s post pretty short because I have about a hundred billion things to work on this fine Sunday afternoon.   

For those of you who follow me on IG or FB, you already know that I have 20 New Year’s resolutions in my pocket for 2019.  I do this every year.  It helps keep me focused and helps me grow.  I love it!  One of those resolutions is coming to pass much more quickly than I had set as a goal, which is super exciting, but also lots of work… I am up for the challenge (as per usual!)!  Hint:  it’s about the book… stay tuned!

 This week, I have been diligently moving through my final certification program, to be announced upon completion!  I have also been buried in my book and the publishing process.  There are so many little pieces that go into it!  I’m making little changes on the website to help streamline things on my end (so, nothing you guys will really notice), but it’s pushing me from an IT perspective, which is not my natural forte, ha!

 I have a wildly growing list of things to do, and I sometimes just want to blatantly ignore it and pet my kitties… and sometimes I do 😉 However, nothing gets done unless… well, unless you DO it, so I keep plugging along, one task at a time.  We are not even a full week into January, and my goals are already manifesting as we speak!  See, there is something important to remember about manifestation:  you don’t just sit back and let it happen.  You put out the energy, put in the work, and THEN it happens.  This is not a magic trick, friends.  There is actual science behind it.  When you make this a regular part of your life, SOMETIMES things DO just happen… but, that’s because of your faith, your work, and your practice in the art of manifestation.  It’s really a lot of fun!

Well, that’s all for now, lest I get carried away chatting with you guys and proceed to ignore my to-do list, ha!  Until next week!