#44: Embrace Change, and Unlock the Magic.

I’ll keep this entry short since I’ve handed you guys a few dissertations as of late, haha!  How about a little magic?!

This week has been another busy one – busy but good!  Lots of last-minute plans and changes, but all for the best.  It’s sometimes a challenge being such a planner and still going with the flow, but when adapting and embracing newness and change, you have the ability to unlock magic.  You may find new people who bring something special to your life or provide a lesson (even when you don’t want to learn it!); new experiences, growth, and perspective; the opportunity to make the most of a plan gone awry.  Of course, then the ripple effect follows, opening up your world to more amazingness.  Remember:  you never know where the path may lead, but if you don’t take the first step, you will inevitably end up exactly where you are.  So, if you’re wildly happy with your life right now, more power to ya’!  If you desire a shift, take the step.  Unlock the magic.


Until next week, Be Well and Be Good!