#46: Vegetables, Vitamins, Functional Foods... and, I'm Famous!

It’s true, I feel a little famous!  Okay, so it’s at Trader Joe’s… but whatever!  So, the other day, I was standing in line, waiting for my total, and the cashier at the register behind me says, “Hey!  Orange Fedora, right?!”  I had been in his line a couple of weeks prior, we had gotten to chatting about my food purchases, and I had given him a business card.  He remembered me!  I’m not Shannyn, I’m Orange Fedora!  See?!  Famous! 

Granted, I go to that store like two or three times a week, as I always run out of vegetables. I might stop for bananas or oatmeal on my way to making a beeline for the organic arugula!  “Is it there today?!  Do they have it?!  Will my life once again be complete?!”  That is what I think when I first arrive.  For without arugula, blueberries, flaxseed meal, and sauerkraut in my house, I almost cannot breathe!  Sometimes the arugula is gone, and I get spinach instead (I do love spinach!), knowing I will be back in about three more days to go through the same anticipatory process… and now I shall zip over to the vegetable section as “Hey!  Orange Fedora!”

Speaking of Trader Joe’s, I did something funny the other day.  Those of you who know me will likely find this surprising in no way whatsoever.  I was in the nut butter aisle, at least that’s what I call it (I know, next to the vegetables, where else would I be?!) … and this guy is walking toward me, kind of talking to no one but anyone who will listen I guess, and he says, “Where are the kids’ vitamins?”  Now, the bottles of vitamins are in the nut butter aisle, and I was actually standing right next to them.  No one else was really paying attention to him, so I smiled and said, “They’re in the vegetable section.  Vegetables, that’s how kids get vitamins.”  He either didn’t hear me or didn’t like my answer, because he looked right past me toward an employee who directed him… and I told the employee he should have sent him to the leafy greens (a lot of the people at Trader Joe’s know me, so this guy actually laughed!  Thank you, now I am also a comedian… but, it’s true!  Vegetables = vitamins!)

There you have it, a little laugh for your Sunday!  Now, I am going to take my famous and funny self to the gym!


Until next week, Be Well and Be Good!