#43: Manifest Friday!

Happy Sunday!

Okay, I’m pretty excited to share this little story with you!  This happened a couple of weeks ago, but there have been so many other awesome things going on that I didn’t have a chance to share it with you until now!

So, it was a Friday afternoon, and I had just gotten out of work.  I had to pick up a package at the UPS Store (oddly, they had not delivered it to the office the day before), pick up my prescriptions, and pick up another package at my apartment complex office.  These chores all had to be done before the respective businesses closed, and I still had to sit in a nice pile of traffic to get home first.  I was very busy and pretty tired, so I got a bit wrapped up in wanting to get these items crossed off my to-do list and the worry of not making it everywhere in time.  Additionally, I really needed my antibiotics, and they had not called me to confirm that they were ready which concerned me because Target is usually really good about that… so I also worried that there was an issue with them.  As I sat in traffic and watched the clock, I thought about the order in which I needed to do everything (depending on the business hours at each location).  I knew I shouldn’t worry, but sitting there in what seemed like heavier traffic than usual, my mind just went there.  I made it to my apartment office with ten minutes to spare, and the package had not yet been delivered.  The office was closing in ten minutes, and UPS would have no one to deliver to, so I was afraid they would drop it at the UPS Store like the other package.  I thought, “OMG not only did I skip my workout to get here in time, but now I have to wait until Tuesday to pick up my package because of my schedule.”  I really needed that package for the weekend.  Ah well, what can I do?  A little frustrated, I began heading over to the UPS Store, and I laughed.  I literally said, out loud, “Why am I worrying?!  Here’s what’s going to happen:  I am going to the UPS Store where the cashier will be super nice and find my package immediately… then, I will go to Target where my prescriptions will be waiting for me… then, I will catch the UPS driver in the parking lot of my complex, and he will deliver my package directly to me… and the timing will all work out perfectly.  Now, I am not worried anymore.”  I also believed it. After thinking a moment, I changed the idea of catching the UPS driver in the parking lot to the fact that he would leave the package at my door (sometimes they do that) because it seemed more likely.

Here's what happened:  I went to the UPS Store where the cashier was super nice and found my package immediately… then, I went to Target where my prescriptions were waiting for me (and the pharmacist was super nice!)… then, I decided to go to Trader Joe’s, since my package was to be delivered to my door… but when I drove past my apartment complex, I SAW THE UPS TRUCK!  I walked up to the driver (who was also super nice!) and he delivered my package to me, also mentioning that this is his usual route and he had planned on delivering the packages door-to-door since the office was closed… and the timing all worked out perfectly. 

Boom.  Manifest Friday.


Until next week, Be Well and Be Good!