#49: Social Media Downtime!

Did everyone survive the Instagram and Facebook outage on Wednesday?!  I admit, I was nervous, as I thought I had messed something up.  I thought, “Oh God, I finally broke the internet!”  Was my time up on the world’s playground of information?  Had my luck finally run out?!?!?!

See, I’m an old soul, having jumped on the social media train because of the encouragement from my friends back in 2005.  First it was MySpace, then Facebook, and finally Instagram (I refused to join any others, ha!).  I enjoyed being able to stay in touch with my friends who live far away, and I love photos!  I managed to make it all work… click this button and then that one… yay, a message!  I would wander onto my FB and IG sites and post a photo here and there, no rhyme or reason, and all was well.

Then, I launched my business last year. Social media became imperative, and I started all over… soon after, I built my website.  I have learned so much about technology, and I’m still learning.  I appreciate it for all that it offers, but I do become concerned about how often and for what purposes we use technology.  I am very aware of it in my own life, and I set time frames to be online (whether paying bills, responding to emails, etc.) and to be on social media specifically. 

Wednesday was kind of a fun way to explore what life would be like if social media was just some passing fad that would one day be written about in school textbooks… that on a beautiful day in mid-March of 2019, it all just stopped.  It was a little like living in some kind of sci-fi novel, haha!

Obviously, that didn’t happen, and once I realized that I was not alone – that I had not single-handedly caused the sudden destruction of the world’s internet with the click of some “wrong” button, I felt better and was able to have a wonderful day up in Moorpark at Underwood Family Farms.  I enjoyed sunshine, fresh air, amazing animals, friendly people, and I engaged in a few silly conversations with some folks about the FB and IG downtime, as we reluctantly admitted how dependent our era is on social media for one reason or another.

Am I glad FB and IG are back up?  Of course!  I do love connecting with folks far away or friends whose schedules do not quite coincide with mine, and I’m grateful to reach people I don’t know in order to help teach and inspire them to healthy and fulfilled lives.  Wednesday was a great opportunity to put the phone down, though, and spend some quality time interacting with people (and animals!) right here, right now. 

Remember to do that even now as we’re once again connected on social media.  Give yourself the time to be with your own thoughts, read a book (that you can hold!), sing a little, dance a little, move a little, and experience all of the wonderful adventures that await you just outside your front door.

That said, I am off to enjoy my Sunday, and I hope you do the same!



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Until Next Week, Be Well and Be Good!