#47: Chin Up, Eye on the Prize... and KEEP GOING! Perseverance is Key!

This is a little post about encouragement for you.  As you carry about life, you may find yourself occasionally feeling like what you do doesn’t matter, or you’re not making an impact, or the world is so busy that no one listens to each other.  I’m here to tell you… I feel that way sometimes too!  Here’s what I do: 

I just keep going. 

I move forward with faith and believe that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing, and hitting the roadblocks along the way for the purposes of lessons and growth… and then… all at once sometimes… as it happened for me this past month… people whom you have impacted come back to tell you. 

The first person is one of my clients, so we were working on this result: she has been in the process of tapering off her blood pressure medication under her doctor’s supervision, and I just received a text that her doctor has now taken her COMPLETELY off of it!  This is a result of coaching through diet and lifestyle changes, as well as guidance with self-advocating and communication. 

The second was a little more of a surprise:  a friend stopped by to tell me how he has changed his eating and lifestyle habits as a result of our conversations.  He said, “You are the only one who talks to me about food,” noting that he has been off processed meats for 100 days now (salami is his fave), he has completely changed the way he eats and snacks, and his blood pressure has decreased from the 180s to the 130s (this is HUGE!).  His goal is to be off his blood pressure medication by summer.  He has tapered off by 50% already, under the supervision of his doctor.

The third person was a quick turn-around: a friend approached me about new-onset intermittent mild abdominal discomfort. We chatted about her eating habits for a few minutes, and I provided a handful of ideas and suggestions before heading off to work. A few days later she told me she implemented my suggestions and the pain is now gone.

The fourth one was pretty unexpected:  I went to the dentist last summer for my cleaning and got to talking to one of the staff members who fessed up about his soda consumption.  I talked to him about dietary sugar, diabetes and other sugar-related health conditions, and encouraged him to ditch the soda.  I went for a cleaning again last month, and he popped his head into my room to tell me that he has completely given up soda because of our chat! 

Just as a little aside:  you notice that two of those people are getting rid of their meds… under MD supervision!  This is an important note, as you should never take yourself off medications on your own.  ALWAYS consult with your doctor and advocate for yourself!

You see, when you feel like you are not making an impact, or not seeing results (whether in yourself or upon helping others) … consider that perhaps it’s just a matter of time.  It’s kind of like when you eat really well and hit the gym for one day, and then expect to see the results the next morning.  It doesn’t really work like that.  It’s also like when I planted cilantro seeds in a planter on my patio, and as soon as I had finished giving the soil its first quick wet-down… I was like, “Okay, when does it grow?”  (This is why I’m not a gardener, haha!)

What you DO matters. What you SAY matters. Who you ARE matters.

So, next time you’re starting to question your purpose or your progress, come on back and re-read this post!



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Until Next Week, Be Well and Be Good!