Travel Tips for the Best Trips!

Travel Tips for the Best Trips!


Ahh, I’m back!  It was a quick and full trip to Seattle last week:  an early flight into SEA-TAC on Sunday, and a late flight back to Burbank on Tuesday!  We jam-packed our trip with some touristy stops on Sunday so we could enjoy a leisurely tulip tour on Monday.  Tuesday was a laid-back last day, and then off to the airport.  The trip was sprinkled with delicious food, new friends, and plenty of girl talk!

I’ve only recently started traveling (it was part of my fancy-finding journey!) and have realized a few important things in order to make the most of a trip.  Here are a handful of tips highlighting what I’ve learned thus far, in order to help you plan for your upcoming excursions:


1.       Know what kind of trip you’re taking.

Is it a quick trip with just a few hot spots you want to see?  Or is it a relaxed “I need a break with no specific plans” type of trip?  Maybe something in between?  This is important to determine in advance because it will help you decide how to approach your flight choices, vacation itinerary, reservations, and choice of hotel/house/room rental and location.  It will also help you make the most of your trip and not feel like you missed out on something.


2.      Solo trip versus travel company.

This goes along with knowing what kind of trip you’re taking.  Do you need some alone time, are you craving time with friends, or do you and your significant other need a special getaway?  Focus on one of these options per trip so that you don’t burn out by trying to accommodate too many plans.


3.      Set a travel budget… and stick to it!

Be realistic.  If you’re tight on cash, you probably want to do a quick trip, pretty structured so that you can do all the things you want.  If you’re financially flexible, you can likely get away with a more chill approach, fly by the seat of your pants.  Either way, don’t forget to add in things like airport parking, shuttles, coffee stops, checked luggage, and valet tips.  These add up and can put you over-budget if you haven’t included them in advance.  Also, don’t low-ball so much and be so frugal that you don’t enjoy yourself.  If you have to wait an extra month for a trip in order to allow yourself some monetary wiggle room, then do it – totally worth it!  And… once you set your budget, stay within it!  Travel is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not bring you such a financial hit that you wish you hadn’t gone!


4.       Travel forward in time.

By this, I mean think ahead (I’m still working on my time travel machine – I will keep you posted, haha!).  Are you stuck on three nights versus four nights?  Think of it this way:  if you’re concerned you might not get to do everything you want to, stay the extra night.  It may cost you a few hundred more now, but that’s better than a couple thousand next year going back to the same place so you can “see the rest of it.”



Remember that your health also includes a positive and realistic mindset around finances, relationships, and fun!  Well-rounded, WHOLE HEALTH is the goal!  Cheers to your next trip!




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