Why Exercise is Important When Life Gets Busy… AND 3 Simple Ways to Move More Everyday!

Why Exercise is Important When Life Gets Busy… AND 3 Simple Ways to Move More Everyday!

Hey, how’s it going?!

This week has been a crazy busy one for me, so my workouts have been a top priority!

Often, when life gets busy, folks have a tendency to ditch their exercise regimens to “save time.”

On the contrary, my friend!  You need to make those workouts a priority, and here’s why:

* they keep your busy self healthy… after all, how productive can an unhealthy body be?!

* they give your mind a rest from the tasks, jobs, activities, and chores that are consuming your time and brainpower;

* they help you to focus, so you’re able to organize and prioritize your tasks efficiently, thereby actually giving you MORE TIME!

* they help to clear your mind so you can re-establish a healthy and positive perspective;

* they trigger endorphin release from your pituitary gland (a star performer in your brain)… endorphins = happy body and happy mind!

In addition to these workouts, here are 3 simple ways to add more movement into your daily life!

1.      Park far away at the grocery store.

This does a few things:  you get a bit more walking in, you have a few extra minutes for deep breathing and reflection (hello, mindfulness!), and you avoid all the cars who think they’re going to get that one “perfect spot!”  It has literally been decades since I’ve parked close to any store, and I LOVE it!


2.      Take a leisurely 15-minute walk after dinner.

I love to walk after dinner.  Fresh air, relaxation, time to think (mindfulness again?!  YES!)  Be sure to keep this a leisurely stroll.  Your body is busy digesting your food, so you don’t want to distract it with a heavy workout!


3.      Drop and give me 30!

Want to watch some TV?  Okay, but not too much!  Here’s what you do:  pretend there are still commercials.  Every ten minutes, do 10 bicep curls… or crunches… or squats… or all three!  Whatever you want, just do ten of something every ten minutes.  You’ll either get some good work done on your muscle tone, or you’ll stop watching so much TV (and… be more mindful!)… either way, you win!


What types of things do YOU do to add more movement to your daily routine?! Share below!


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Until Next Week, Be Well and Be Good!