Eat Your Broccoli!

Eat Your Broccoli!

Did you guys see my Instagram post today?! For those who missed it, it was the same fabulous photo of me and my broccoli bouquet that you saw introducing this post, and the caption read:

I can tell you to eat the broccoli, but I can’t put it in your mouth.

It seems like a good time to remind you that I’m an RN with a background in Emergency Nursing.  In other words, I don’t beat around the bush, and I’m not going to hold your hand while you make excuses.  I don’t do it for myself either. Fair is fair.

If you’re not already eating the broccoli, then it simply isn’t a priority to you yet. And if that’s your choice, totally okay… but, you have to

own your choice

and know that no one can change it except you. I bet you’ve guessed it: we’re not actually talking about broccoli (well, maybe a little)… we’re talking about…

personal responsibility!

I’ll open a vein for you here and share a little story exposing a personal secret… one of my delectable weaknesses!

I have five pounds I’m presently losing (I’m three pounds down in just one week FYI… action equals results, baby!)… I call these extra pounds my “fun five” because it was fun and celebrating that encouraged their temporary residence on my bod!  While no one else seems to notice them, I certainly do, and so I chose to work ‘em off! Am I unhealthy with the extra five? Nah. Do I feel good with them? NO! These are the two crucial pieces - being healthy AND feeling good - more on this in future posts! So, why did my fun five find their way to me, you ask?

Because I like ice cream.  Plain and simple.

I keep finding reasons to celebrate (yay, SO awesome!), and then I like to have some good high-quality ice cream (I don’t do the cheap stuff!) to help with the celebrating!  MMMMMMM!!!  And this is fine to do every so often… but every so often became a little too frequent, hence my fun five.

Point is…

I totally own my love of fancy ice cream, I totally own my fun five (oops!), and now I totally own reversing it.

No excuses.

Speaking of broccoli and ice cream...

I have two specialties: mindfulness and functional nutrition.

While I do post here and there about food, you’ve probably noticed that I don’t post a ton about it.  I have a handful of reasons:

1.  It’s Already Available

There’s a ton of great information out there already to get your started on your journey, and repetition is annoying. However, if there’s something you want clarification on, shoot me an email and I will gladly break it down for you!

2.  Individuality

Everyone has a unique starting point and concerns/goals that are unique to them. Nutrition is so individual that if you are REALLY committed to navigating that road and deciphering what works best for YOU, then you need individual coaching.  If you prefer the broad strokes (which totally works for a lot of people and is often a great place to start), see #1.  Choose a couple of reputable sources, read up, and then take ACTION based on what you’ve read. Need help taking action? Click here!

3.  The Nitty Gritty and The Broad Strokes

There’s a lot of info floating about the internet that gets really nitty gritty, causing people to obsess over one specific nutrient or one specific body system while ignoring everything else; or they’re just guessing and focusing on the wrong nitty gritty thing for them; or they get so overwhelmed trying to adhere to ALL the nitty gritty things, that they just give up.  I don’t perform in that circus.

I’ve noticed that some people like to focus on getting enough of one nutrient that they’ve randomly decided they’re deficient in, rather than looking at the big picture and tackling the broad strokes first.  Most of these random-nutrient-focuser people give up when their chosen random nutrient doesn’t fix all of their problems (SO not fair to the random nutrient!)… when what they really need to do first is stop eating fast food and over-processed crap.

Now, maybe you’ve tackled the broad strokes and you’re ready for the nitty gritty, and it IS important for your situation… if that’s you, see #2 and then shoot me an email.

4.  Time, Precious Time

I refuse to spend three hours in the kitchen making a “perfect” looking dish that takes less than five minutes to eat, just for a cool photo… so that you can say how pretty it is and then never make it yourself… because it takes three hours to make!  I can’t get down with that.  Don’t know about you, but I’d rather just chop fresh vegetables and eat them with some hummus… easy peasy, delicious, and healthy… THAT’S my jam!

5.  Reading gets you the information you need; ACTION gets you results.

If I lost weight every time I read something about nutrition, I would weight about negative-five-bazillion pounds.  If my skin got more and more clear with every article I read about hydration and antioxidants, I would be transparent.  If my muscles got bigger with every fitness article I read, I would be the size of an airplane hangar… but since I weigh negative-five-bazillion pounds and am completely transparent, you can’t see my airplane-hangar-sized-muscular self!

Yes, I’m being silly.  It’s part of my charm.  But you get the idea.

I’m more interested in what you’re going to DO with what you’ve read.

What ACTION are you going to take?

Knowledge is power, true… that’s the first half. But ACTION is the second half.

Combine them, and you’ve got your ticket to wellness.


So again, I say:

I can tell you to eat the broccoli, but I can’t put it in your mouth.

And now, I ask:

Are you ready to CHOOSE to eat your broccoli?! Are you ready to take ACTION with your health?!


Start now with some simple and sustainable steps! Click HERE for your Top 10 Wellness Tips!

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Until Next Week, Be Well and Be Good!