Fitting Into A Box


Fitting Into A Box

This one’s a little heady today, friends, so roll with me!  What parts of this post can you relate to in your life?

We live in an era of perceived perfection.

We are encouraged to emulate those who are pretending, those who are putting up fronts, those who are putting on airs… so that we can “be included” or be seen as “an equal” or “competitor” in some way.

In a time when we are supposed to feel free to be ourselves, we are pushed into a variety of boxes so that we can “be ourselves” in a way that is approved by society in order to be grouped together with others going through the same thing, getting involved in the same thing, or working toward the same thing.  It’s quite contradictory, right?

Don’t get me wrong…

It can be very therapeutic to pretend,

as long as it’s for a positive purpose.

Think of when we were kids and used our imaginations.  For that matter, I use my imagination constantly as an adult, and it’s equally important – if not more so – because as adults we have the opportunity to use our imaginations to create positive shifts, experience new things, and expand upon new ideas.  But when you pretend to be someone or something you’re not just to match speed with perceived perfection, it doesn’t serve anyone… least of all yourself.

Often, it goes something like this:  if you believe X but not Y, then you can’t be part of Group Z.  If you do A but not B, well you almost made Group C… but sorry, not quite.  It’s like junior high all over again!

Let’s all just BE ourselves.

The key is… and the real value comes from…

Being Authentic.

The only way to do that is to stop comparing yourself to others, stop trying to fit into a mold, and

Start the work of getting to know yourself for the simple purpose of… getting to know yourself.

That is to say: you’re NOT doing this in order to stomp your feet and yell that you won’t be put into a box… just so that you can be in the box with the others doing the same… see where it gets tricky?

Your intention needs to be solely focused on being YOU for YOUR OWN sake.

Sure, you will find others similar to you, but with their own unique presentations.  And in discovering yourself, you’re able to accept and appreciate others as themselves, and they will reciprocate by accepting and appreciating you… and that reciprocity will gain momentum and send a ripple effect of positive energy and light. Amazing, yeah?!

That’s when we start to really evolve.  That’s when, as an entire society, we can all fit into one big freakin’ irregular-shaped, colorful, loving, and fun-filled non-box.  When we each get to know our true selves and are able to honestly, healthily, and lovingly express those amazing selves…

That is when we all become ONE.

(BTW who else LOVES that teddy bear photo?!)

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Until Next Week, Be Well and Be Good!