#6: How I Chose "Orange Fedora"

Alright, you guys!  Only a couple of you know where this name came from, but during the photo voting, a good friend mentioned something that I had been waiting to hear.  She asked why I was wearing a RED fedora and not an orange one.  My response was this:  "it's actually orange... just a shade so dark, it's almost red!  Suits me better :) "

So, follow me now for an unapologetic stream of consciousness as I escort you down the path of the Orange Fedora.  When I decided to start this company (almost a year ago), I would casually toss around ideas for its name, usually run through concepts in my head during a workout, etc.  I came up with several names that I liked, but disregarded many of them because - for one reason or another - they just didn't work.  I really had to figure out my "why," my purpose, my mission... before I could choose the right name. 

I thought of the time in my life when I "found my fancy" (read Journal #1 to learn about this!)... during an out-of-town event that I attended.  I then took two separate but related elements from that moment in my life - the fedora and the color orange - and combined them to come up with Orange Fedora.  Mind you, there was not an ACTUAL orange fedora until I found one on Amazon after I had decided on the name! 

As for Orange Fedora, I loved it!  It had a great ring to it (thank you, assonance!), it was meaningful to me, completely original, represented the "fancy" that I want to help everyone find, and I figured it would confuse the life out of people... which kind of made me laugh (I have a bit of a silly side!).  I kept trying to find reasons it shouldn't work, just to make sure it was a good fit... couldn't find any.  As a matter of fact, the harder I tried, the more reasons I found to use it! 

Thus, Orange Fedora Health and Wellness was born!

Now, as far as the colors.  There is a reason behind everything I do (shocking, I know!).  I asked a very dear friend (who is an incredible artist!) to design my logo.  I told her exactly what I wanted:  a fun and whimsical orange fedora (with a midnight blue ribbon) dancing along the wind... but the orange should be bright and deep in color, almost a red... not tangerine, not rusty orange, not the color of the fruit... almost red, but not quite (red has long been a personal signature color of mine!  bright red is one of my three favorites!).  I told her I actually preferred MY orange to be peach, but I knew that a peach hat would get completely lost in a logo... did you take note of the peach/pink wind though?  (I'm not particular at all... and we're still good friends!)

She nailed the logo on the first try (not surprising!).  It was actually the font that gave us a run for our money for like two months, haha (though I knew I wanted the midnight blue!)!!  (Remember that, T?!)  By the way, you will be meeting my dear, beautiful, artistic, and amazing friend very soon when she launches her own business, so keep an eye out for me bragging about her awesomeness on IG next month!

So, I made reference to MY orange.  I love light peach (also one of my three favorite colors!), and I do enjoy this bright and deep orange of my fedora.  Here's the thing:  there are so many shades of orange - of any color for that matter - that you are bound to find one that works for you... YOUR orange.  Does this sound familiar?  "One that works for you."  It's like a style of eating, or a type of activity, or a meditation practice, or a form of creativity... your health.  There are many shades, many variations.  There is no single diet, exercise, spiritual practice, job, art, etc. that works for everyone.  Health and wellness are individual; your "fancy" is individual... and this is another example of how the colors and the name of my company represent what I stand for:  helping YOU find YOUR fancy, YOUR best health, YOUR unique combination of the meaningful pieces of life.

NOW you REALLY know...

Orange Fedora Health and Wellness!

Find Your Fancy.