How to Shift Your Mindset

How to Shift Your Mindset


Well hello!  If you already subscribe to the Orange Fedora Journal, then you know this week’s entry is about mindset, my favorite!!!

I mentioned in my email that some universal Spring themes are

newness, re-birth, growth, and change…

yet these themes don’t always present themselves in a very straightforward or easy manner.  So, how do you shift your mindset and focus on the positive? Let’s dive in!


(First, a quick and heartfelt Happy Easter to those of you who are celebrating the holiday with me!)


This week has thrown its challenges my direction, and let me tell you I really had to practice what I preach!  And let me also tell you that it works!  If you’re not accustomed to it, shifting your mindset can sometimes be tough or even feel insincere when you first try it out.  After much practice, however, it becomes an automatic response to stressors, and you both see and feel the changes in yourself.  Here are a few steps to get you started:

1.      Take a breath.

Whether it was bad news over email, your cell phone broke, your tire went flat, or something else… your instinct may be to get mad, be sad, or feel scared.  Instead – before anything else – take a breath.


2.      Acknowledge your stressor.

Literally say it calmly out loud (quietly if you’re in public, haha!).  “I received bad news over email.”  It might seem silly, but when you acknowledge something and say it out loud, you take the power away from the circumstance. It becomes a small tangible thing rather than a big scary ominous monster.


3.      Choose your words wisely.

This is key, y’all.  If you know me or have read anything or everything I have ever written, then you know I never say things like “I had a bad week,” or “Today sucked,” or “I hate _____.”  These phrases are negative, and they assign very strong and all-encompassing negative emotions to a circumstance.  I choose phrases like this instead: “I had a challenging week,” or “Today was rough,” or “I get frustrated with…”  These are true statements (in other words, life is not all sunshine and flowers, and it’s okay to express that), but they allow for a shift of mindset, an upward flow of emotion.  They are not concrete, set in stone, or negative.  They express authenticity yet with an opportunity for that emotion to change for the better.

After all, a challenge can be overcome, a rough day can improve, and being frustrated with something can allow for growth and creativity.

See the difference?


4.      Give yourself a moment.

You might need three slow deep breaths, or maybe a good cry at the end of a day.  Take the moment you need… and then be done with it.  Don’t get stuck in the tough place!  This again allows for you to express your feelings (not only OKAY to do, but also IMPORTANT to do!) without allowing them to overrun you.


5.      Express gratitude.

Yeah, you can’t escape this one.  We all know it!  Your tire went flat?  Hey, you have a car that has tires – WIN!  I’m serious, that is something to be grateful for, friends! Don’t skip this step.


6.      Look for the silver lining.

Yes, I said it! Silver lining!  There is always a positive, that is why you choose your words wisely (see #3), to allow for that mindset shift.  So, your cell phone broke.  See it as an opportunity.  Maybe you’ll meet Prince Charming at the Apple store; maybe you’ll have a chance to window shop in the cute new stores nearby while you wait for your phone to be repaired; maybe you can get a quick workout in; maybe you treat yourself to a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the fresh air.  These are things you would not have experienced otherwise.



This is just the beginning – there is so much more mindset work to be shared, but it would take way too much space to include it all here.  That said, it WILL be part of an upcoming program I’m designing, so…

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Until Next Week, Be Well and Be Good!