Know What You Need

Know What You Need


It’s easy to get caught up reading all the latest trends and research studies in wellness (always good to acquire knowledge, but be sure to consider your sources and ask questions!), but…

The most important aspect of wellness that you need to be aware of is… YOU!

Lest we forget that the reason we do all the reading and knowledge-seeking is to better our OWN health.  Remember that each person is unique, and you need to discover what works best for YOU when it comes to wellness.

This is true with both food AND mindfulness.

I’m a huge proponent (and coach!) of systematic elimination diets when it comes to finding the best foods for your body, but mindfulness is more subjective and requires some creativity to get to the bottom of what fits best in your life. 

You have to start somewhere, though, and my favorite place to start is always with a story!

The other day, I was going through a rough space.  I know myself well, so I recognized two things:  because of the timing of my rough day, it was kind of expected and I knew it would blow over soon enough.  But in the meantime,

I had to handle the emotions of that rough space.

(A great spot to mention that it is SUPER possible to intellectually KNOW everything will be okay, but to still FEEL off-balance about it!)

I knew I needed a friend to listen to me ramble on for a few minutes, tell me what I already knew (that I was being a little crazy!), and then chat about something else entirely (thanks, Greg!).  I know that during a difficult time, I feel better when I talk to a friend.  Nothing necessarily needs to be fixed, but the simple knowledge that someone cares is sufficient for me to feel better. 

So next time you find yourself in a rut, ask yourself what you need.

Did you overindulge in treats and you need accountability to get back on track?  Do you feel a little sad and need a hug?  Are you having a stressful day and need some quiet time to meditate?

Every person is unique in how they experience life, and it’s important to get to know yourself well enough to know what YOU need in any given circumstance.


Here are a few points to help you with that self-discovery:

1.       Start a Journal.

This can help you identify patterns of thoughts/emotions/choices and what helped you get a handle on them.

2.       Take a Walk.

Getting outside and moving your body helps clear your head and allows some time for reflection.

3.       Ask a Friend.

Sometimes we are too close to a situation.  Ask a friend who knows you well if they remember what helped you last time you felt/experienced X, Y, or Z.

4.       Take a Breath.

Simple deep breathing (even for just one minute!) drives oxygen to your grape (ahem… your brain!) so that you can think more clearly, take a moment outside of a situation, and assess what you need.


Sunday seems like a great day to get to know yourself a bit better… and how convenient that TODAY is Sunday!  Have at it!


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Until Next Week, Be Well and Be Good!