Life Lessons

Life Lessons

As I was leaving for work this morning, I grabbed my lunch and the bag ripped, spilling everything onto the floor.  I cleaned it up and rushed out the door.  On my way downstairs, I spilled hot coffee all over my hand.  I wiped it off and jumped in my car.  Next, I received a message that a rather unsavory person from my past has resurfaced.  And then when I got to work, the computer wasn’t cooperating.  That was all before 6:30am, and it capped a rather long and trying week.

After each incident this morning, I stopped.

I took a deep breath and began again.

Following the computer situation, I took a few minutes.  I simply held my cup of coffee and stood at the window watching the sun come up and the sky change colors.

And then I took a deep breath and began again.

I fixed the computer, dove headfirst into work, and was super productive.  After work, I reached out to my two best people.

All Better.

I’m sure you’ve heard that the universe continues to give you the same lesson until you finally learn it, right?  Well, my lesson is patience.  It has been for a long time, haha!  It’s okay, I can appreciate that about myself while trying to find the balance in it.  My impatience simply means that I’m a live wire:  I like to take action and get results. My lessons show up to remind me that I don’t always have control of everything that happens (what?!), and that’s okay too.

So when stuff comes up (scroll back up to that first paragraph!), I’ve taught myself what to do.  I use my tools.  (What tools, you ask? Check out my book HERE!).

I take a breath, acknowledge the lesson, and begin again.

If I can manage it in the moment, I also laugh… because I see the lesson, and I know I need to learn it!  If the moment is too frustrating, painful, or stressful, I laugh later.  Laughter always helps.  So do friends.

If you’ve got lots of thoughts and worries spinning around in your head, get them onto paper and out of your grape!  Writing things down releases some of the stress in the moment, and it’s much easier to manage concerns, decipher lessons, recognize patterns, find clarity, re-frame, and get a handle on everything when you can see your thoughts on paper rather than allowing them to run rampant in your mind.

Here’s your takeaway: Life can be sticky.  Situations come up.

Remind yourself: It’s a moment in time.  This too shall pass.

Breathe through it.

Begin again.

Reach out to those who care.

It’s all good. Remember that.

You are okay right now.  You will be okay in an hour.  You’ll be even better tomorrow.


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Until Next Week, Be Well and Be Good!