Promises, Promises... How to Keep a Promise to Yourself

Promises, Promises… How to Keep a Promise to Yourself

Here we are, full steam ahead into 2019 (almost half over! WHAT?!), and it’s about time to check in on those resolutions and goals that we laid out for the new year!  How many do you have?  One big goal, or 20 bite-sized resolutions like I do?!  Either way, I’m here to help you stay on track,

to keep those promises that you made to yourself.

Even if you let your goals fall a bit by the wayside, or something got in the way (like a busy schedule or a little cough or cold),

it is never too late to pick up that dropped ball and show 2019 what you’ve got!

First things first, let’s get this one point out on the table:  how to wildly fail at reaching a goal.  Are you ready?  This is a sure-fire way to utterly blow your New Year’s Resolutions:  drumroll, please… do everything all at once.  Boom.  Fail.

Seriously though…

we live in a wonderfully diverse, information-packed era, but it can be overwhelming. 

One totally credible source says vegan; another says paleo.  Acquire lots of things to inspire creativity… no, minimize.  Work out in the morning… no, the evening.  Snacks, yay; snacks, boo!  Sleep more… wait, sleep less!  I think you know what I mean.  With all the information out there, it is literally impossible to do everything at once; believe me, I’ve tried, and I ended up crying in the corner (not really… well, kind of!).  From one overachiever to another:  it doesn’t work.  More than that, it doesn’t serve you. 

Here’s your win:  simple, sustainable, and uniquely you. 

We are each our own phenomenal and individual soul.  You must decipher what works for YOU.  Along your journey, there will be things that work and things that don’t.  However, enjoy the process of getting to know yourself, and take it one step at a time.  Make a simple and sustainable change, and then give it a fair shot (in other words, going vegan for one day or to the gym for two days won’t likely allow you to determine if it’s for you or not).  If your one small change benefits you and makes you feel even more awesome than you already are, keep going.  If not, place it to the side and try something else. 


Here are a few tricks to help you along the way:

  • Keep a journal.

If you’re not a writer, no worries.  It could be as simple as a daily blurb, like this: “meditated for 10 minutes in the morning, day went pretty well, felt a little more relaxed.”  Or, a short recap of your week, just a couple of sentences: “I meditated for ten minutes every day, and I am really excited that I was able to commit to that.  I might try 12 minutes per day next week.  I feel pretty good.”  If you ARE a writer, have at it!  No matter what boat you fall into, keeping track helps you to really see tangible results and inspires you to keep going.

  • Accountability

Have a weekly or monthly check-in with a friend.  You don’t necessarily have to be making the same changes (maybe you are trying to quit your shopping habit, and she is trying to eat more vegetables), but it always helps to have an accountability partner!

  • Be Flexible

You don’t want to be so lax that you accomplish nothing, but remember that you’re human.  Sometimes you just want that little cupcake on your friend’s birthday, or you had a long day at work and you’re too tired for spin class… or you (oops!) yelled at the car who cut you off.  It’s okay.  Just keep going.  Get back on the proverbial horse.


So, here’s your big take-away:  don’t focus so much on the end result, but rather the process.

Commit to the process, and commend yourself for it. 

By the time you are ready to write your resolutions for next year, you will look back and see massive positive changes that you didn’t even realize were happening.  It’s really amazing.  So are you.  Cheers!


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Until Next Week, Be Well and Be Good!