Real . Human . Interaction!

Real . Human . Interaction!

‘Tis the season of check-ups for my car!  She’s my second MINI Cooper, and her name is Audrey Kate, after the Hepburn ladies… she’s classy, like a little black dress (with a white top!).  I went to America’s Tire Co. a few weeks ago for a balance and rotation; and on Wednesday, she got her oil changed and landed with a fab wash so you can see how she sparkles in the sunlight!

I bet you’re wondering:  what in the world does this have to do with wellness?

We’re talking about relationships here, friend!  YES, I’m saying Real . Human . Interaction!

Living in the Information Age, we all know how disconnected we’ve become from others, and there’s a huge push from those of us in wellness to get back to real connections with real people.  Feeling connected to others – whether in a romantic relationship, a friendship, a work setting, a business interaction, etc. – plays an important role in our overall health.  We are less stressed, and we feel more valued and appreciated; we learn and grow from each other; we experience new things and discover different perspectives.  These feelings put our bodies, minds, and spirits at ease.

Another thing often lacking in our fast-paced digital-focused era is real customer service, also known as customer CARE.  That is, people CARING about people. Finding a brand that truly exemplifies this and then hires accordingly… it’s rare.  But… IT… IS… EVERYTHING. We all work hard for our money, and when we spend it,

we want to know people value that.

I can tell you this:  I’ve been getting my tires from America’s Tire Co. since 1997.  Also, I mentioned Audrey Kate is my second MINI.  She’s 3 years old.  I had my previous MINI (Trixie) for 10 years.  I think it’s fairly obvious that MINI is another brand I stand behind.

When I went to America’s Tire Company, I had an appointment (always best to do this anywhere because the world is a busy place!).  They were on time, quick and efficient, friendly, and they always let me drive my car onto the rack thing (which is, of course, the technical term) 😊 This is how they’ve operated for the entire 22 years I’ve been bringing my business to them, no matter which location I go to. 

When I went to MINI, I also had an appointment, first thing in the morning because I prefer to wait for my car rather than getting a loaner.  They actually opened the gate early because there were a couple of us waiting.  My service advisor Jorge communicated time frames, expectations, and services recommended (btw MINI keeps you with the same advisor for every visit!), and then I asked him if Jon was going to work on my car again (Jon has been with MINI so long, he actually worked on Trixie too!), and he said he could arrange that (Jon is awesome… he really went above and beyond once for Trixie many years ago, and I always remember it!).  After chatting with Jorge and his colleague for a few minutes about everything from Disneyland to iPhone apps, I headed over to my favorite coffee shop (Aroma!) to grab breakfast while I waited.

Ah, Aroma!  For those who know me, you know this is not a new place either!  I’ve been going to Aroma for 14 years!  Initially introduced by a friend of mine as a let’s-stuff-our-faces-with-delicious-cake-and-coffee place, the café became a quick favorite.  I continued to frequent the shop to study while in nursing school, lest I fall asleep on my couch instead of reading!  Aroma is where I get myself a big ol’ piece of birthday cake each August (and perhaps some testers throughout the year!) because their cakes are SUPERB if you’re looking for a high quality treat!  I also pop in there every so often for their fab coffee (Fonte) and the friendly folks. A handful of their employees have been there for a few years, and some of them know me by face, if not also by name (Yes, it’s like “Norm!” Thank you to everyone who understands the reference!).  Additionally, I’m not the only decade+ regular, as there are a few others I’ve been seeing at the café for many years, and we always say hi or toss a head nod and a smile.

How good do you feel right now?  SO good from the happy stories, right?!

Interaction!  Connection!  Appreciation! Loyalty!  Care!

Note:  it’s not just me who is loyal to these brands; it’s the employees loyal to their customers AND to their employers.  So many of them have been with their respective companies for a long time, and that usually means the companies take care of their people, so much that they stay… and I like companies who take care of their people.

To feel appreciated, acknowledged, and valued, and then to provide the same in return… IT’S MAGICAL!

Don’t keep your face in your phone so much that you miss this.

Be present, be aware, and connect with others.  There’s truly nothing like it.

* Hats off to my local spots: America’s Tire Co. in Pasadena, MINI of Universal City, and Aroma Coffee and Tea in Studio City!  You are all SO appreciated! *

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Until Next Week, Be Well and Be Good!