Self Care Ideas for Your Week Ahead!

Self Care Ideas for Your Week Ahead!


Hello, all! 

I am about to head to the airport for any early flight.  My friend and I are taking a quick girls’ trip to Seattle for the Tulip Festival, YAY!!!!!  We both needed a bit of a break and decided to indulge in a little excursion – a few days of self care decorated with flowers!!  In the spirit of our trip, here are some self care ideas for your week ahead:


1.      Treat yourself to a massage.

Release muscle tension and get your cardiovascular and lymphatic systems moving!


2.      Add some aromatherapy.

Purchase a small bottle of essential oil spray, and spritz some into the steam of your shower for a quick dose of spa-like decadence!


3.      Take a long walk.

Self care doesn’t have to be extravagant.  Aside from your usual workout routine, take yourself on a nice leisurely walk, enjoy the fresh air and chirping birds, and leave your cell phone at home!


4.      Movie night in!

Set aside a couple of hours to fall into a story, accompanied by a friend or significant other… and maybe a bit of non-GMO organic popcorn!


5.      Spa day at home!

Treat your skin and hair to delicious hydration with a face mask, a hair mask, and a hand mask!


6.      Plan a girls’ (or guys’) trip of your own!

Is there a spot you’ve been wanting to check out?  Take a weekend getaway with a friend or small group… or take a solo trip for some “me time!”


And now… I’m off!  TSA waits for no one, haha!  Keep an eye out for IG updates with lots of photos from Washington!


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Until Next Week, Be Well and Be Good!