Shine Your Light!

Shine Your Light!


Oh, this topic has been brewing for a minute.  Lately though, it’s been showing up everywhere… so that I could remember to share it with you!

(It’s also mentioned in my book “All In” by the way!)

Here it is:

You cannot make someone ready.

For what, you ask?  Anything. 

Here’s an example:  let’s say you’ve taken the reigns of your life and you’re excited!  You’re into reading about wellness (like here in The Journal!), you’re dabbling in meditation, you’ve cleaned up your eating, and you’ve added some fitness into your routine.  Little by little, you’re fine-tuning your healthy lifestyle… and you want your friend to jump on board and get healthy too!

But your friend isn’t interested…

But you REALLY want her to share the journey with you because you’re stoked about gettin’ healthy!

But your friend isn’t interested…

But you REALLY know it would benefit her, and you want her to get mad excited right along with you!

But your friend isn’t interested…

Wait! Now she IS interested… she’s interested in running wildly in the opposite direction because you won’t stop pushing!

I can tell you right now, you’re on the losing side of that battle.  The more you push, the more you’re pushing her AWAY… away from health AND away from you!

You CANNOT make someone else ready to get healthy: to change their mindset, change their food, change their fitness.

For that matter, you can’t make them want to get married, buy a new car, move to a different state, become a vegetarian, switch to decaf, go on a roller coaster, change toothpaste brands… or ANYTHING else!

Every person is on their own journey,

and while you may have the best of intentions, you can’t choose for them.  What you CAN do is really be IN your own journey, and really LOVE it.

Be an example.

If your friend sees changes in you and likes them, she will ask, and then you can share.  That makes it her choice, and she’ll be more likely to succeed.

Even in a slightly different situation… say someone actually approaches you asking for help or advice, they still may not be ready to hear anything but what they WANT you to say.  Perhaps they just want to argue their point, feel justified, or play devil’s advocate.

That person is not ready to change, and that’s okay.

They are on their own journey, and all you can do is be available when they ARE ready.

In the meantime, keep that conversation brief, send them a silent blessing, and be sure to protect your own energy because that type of exchange can be very toxic.

Here’s your takeaway:

You are in charge of YOU,

and you are allowed (and encouraged!) to be super excited about your positive lifestyle changes (and your new toothpaste!)… but when it comes to others… if you want to help…

Your best bet is to provide the light and be available when they’re ready.

Cheers to you and your shining light!

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Until Next Week, Be Well and Be Good!