Wherever You Show Up, Show Up as Your Best

Wherever You Show Up, Show Up as Your Best


Do you ever step back, look at your life, and think, “How in the world did I get here?!”

I do it all the time!

You just kept putting one foot in front of the other, doing life, and then years pass and you realize you ended up in a completely different place than you expected.


Well, that’s okay!

If you love where you are, awesome!

If not, no big deal!


Now’s a great time to create a new plan; It’s never too late!

So start dreaming, start planning, and then start DOING!

Remember, though… Things take time.


  • You don’t lose ten pounds all of a sudden simply because you decide to.  You work at it, with every choice you make and every bite you take.

  • You don’t just quit your job because you decide you want to do something else.   You create a responsible path, and you walk that path to get to your new career.

  • You don’t acquire wicked biceps just because you decide to start working out.  You actually have to DO the work, one curl at a time.


Here’s a little piece that many people forget when they’re super excited and throw themselves head-first onto a new path: 

They forget to show up where they are.

They’re so focused on future goals that they forget to put their best into what they’re doing NOW.

  • Want to lose those ten pounds? Enjoy preparing each healthy meal; enjoy every sweat session; enjoy working on your mindset; enjoy getting restful sleep. Show up as your best and most committed self in the kitchen, the gym, and in your mindfulness and sleep practices.

  • Want to switch careers? While you’re waiting tables to get through medical school, show up as the best server you can possibly be. Be grateful for your current job and how it’s helping you achieve your goals.

  • Want those wicked biceps? Be present with every arm workout, every curl. Show up as your best when you hit the weights. Feel the burn; feel your muscles getting stronger; appreciate that you’re able to do the work to reach your goal.

So whatever path you choose,,,

and wherever you are on that path…

and whatever you need to do to bring your goals to life….


Wherever you show up, show up as your best.

Show up with a smile, a kind word, with gratitude and hard work.

Show up each day as your very best.

You’ll find yourself dancing along your new path instead of trudging along it, and you’ll inevitably get to where you’re going a  lot faster!

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Until Next Week, Be Well and Be Good!