The Rhythm of Health

The Rhythm of Health

Hello again!  I’m back from vacation!  My birthday trip was amazing, full of activities, and went by super fast!  If you weren’t following along on Instagram or Facebook, go check out the photos after this quick read!

Today we’re talking about moderation, balance, the ebbs and flows of life… essentially,

The Rhythm of Health.

Moderation and Balance, Fueled by Self-Awareness

Now, you all know I was looking forward to some real southern pecan pie in Charleston, and I found it!  On my last night there, I had the most decadent piece of pecan pie a la mode!  I skipped the entrée that night because I wasn’t super hungry, and I chose a couple of appetizers instead.  When the pie arrived, I managed about three bites and then boxed the rest to go.  I just couldn’t do it!  It was SO good though, and I finished it later that night! My body is NOT used to the rich foods I ate throughout the week, and while most were really delicious,

I knew my limits, and I listened to my body.

Let’s stick to food for the example in this post (since there was so much food this week!), but these concepts can really be applied to ANY part of health.  Obviously, I eat a very healthy diet day-to-day, but I was prepared to veer from that on my vacation to try some new cuisine (hello, shrimp and grits!!) and experience a new culture, doing so in moderation as I mentioned above.

Now that I’m back home, am I going to continue to eat whatever in the world I want?


Am I going to jump on some lame fad diet to drop the few ounces I may have gained?


As a matter of fact, I’m not even getting on the scale.

I’m simply getting back to my usual food and fitness routines and trusting my body.

My body knows its baseline and will happily fall back into balance.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be vacation that takes you off track.  Maybe you celebrated over the holidays a bit more than you intended; maybe you took some time off from working out to get over an illness; maybe you just needed a break.

These are the ebbs and flows of life.

You don’t jump into something crazy and extreme to get back to where you used to be.

You simply return to doing what you used to do.  Back on track, that’s it.

Crazy and extreme is not sustainable. It’s also not healthy.

It may or may not work in the short term, and it will pretty much come back to bite you in the tail in the long term.

Acknowledge that you need to shift course, and then shift.  It’s really easy.  Nothing complicated here. Have you ever seen a ship make a quick 90 degree turn to switch directions?  Nope.  That’s because it doesn’t work like that.  Have you seen a car do it?  Maybe.  But guess what.  If they do, it’s risky, dangerous, and sometimes there’s a crash.  Get the correlation?  Okay good.

Now stretch your mind a bit. Consider how the concepts of moderation, balance, and ebbs and flows can apply to all aspects of your health:  food, exercise, relationships, work, socializing, art, meditation, etc.

This is The Rhythm of Health.

Veer off?  No problem! Recognize it, and then shift back into the right direction.

The keys are self-awareness and knowing your priorities.

Need some help?  Shoot me an email!

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Until Next Week, Be Well and Be Good!