Time to Pay Attention!



Hello, and happy Sunday! 

This week has been a beast!  Not in a bad way, just BUSY:  lots of work, and LOTS of learning!  I have been stretching my brain to its fullest capacity (I wish I could cue some music right now, it’s the only thing that could explain how I felt!).  I thought I was done with all that after my second college degree.  Just kidding, I’m such a nerd, I could never throw in the towel on learning!  Everything I’m doing at the moment though… it’s harder than college!!!  While learning is crucial to health (mental, emotional, and physiological… more on those in another post), today’s topic is actually about


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been tearing it up at the gym, super focused on my food, diving head first into the business, working, learning, EVERYTHING.  My body has been fighting me along the way, and I’ve been basically ignoring it (sorry, body!).  I spent most of Wednesday night awake in my bed in “child’s pose” and “happy baby” because my back was hurting so much I couldn’t sleep.  I woke up Thursday with more lower back pain than I have EVER had (no specific injury), and I was exhausted, hungry, and felt like I had been run over by a tractor.  So I said,

“Okay, body, I HEAR YOU!” 

Did I just stay home and do nothing?  Nope.  Pop a bunch of ibuprofen?  Nope. 

First, I sat with myself for a minute.

(after assessing my back to be sure there was no real injury)

I took all the information my body was giving me, and I decided I simply needed a break. 

I already had plans to go to The Huntington Gardens and Library, and then head up to Malibu for the grand opening of Alicia Adams Alpaca.  I was really looking forward to both, so of course I was going.  However, instead of rushing from one thing to the next, on a ridiculous time schedule, worrying about traffic and when I could squeeze a workout in… I just went with it.  I ditched the gym (you’re welcome, body!) and spent about three hours roaming beautiful rose gardens at The Huntington instead.  I soaked up everything:  the sun, the flowers, the awesome Orbit exhibit… and then I left when I was ready.  I enjoyed my drive to Malibu, up the highways and through the canyon, and then I spent time with friends when I arrived. 

After a full day of paying attention to what my body needed, I skipped along the beach at sunset. 

(Yes, I skipped!!!  When was the last time YOU did that?  It’s so much fun and actually helped my back feel better!).  I drove home listening to a combination of Frank Sinatra, classical music, and Mo-Town (three of my faves!), took a hot shower, ate dinner, and watched a couple of episodes of Friends.  I read, meditated, and then went to bed.

I woke Friday feeling refreshed, my back was improving, and the world didn’t fall apart because I skipped the gym, IMAGINE!  It’s an amazing thing, really –

how much communication happens between your body, your mind, and your spirit. 

It is profoundly important to recognize when that communication gets out of whack and needs a bump back into balance.

So, if you’re like me, a proud type A, LISTEN UP!  Sometimes you have got to just GIVE IT ALL A REST!  I forgot, I got wrapped up – like I said, I have been super busy, but I’ve enjoyed it all, so I didn’t notice that I was out of balance until I almost couldn’t move. 

Remember that even when you’re doing wonderful, amazing, positive, productive things that you love… you STILL NEED A BREAK! 

Take this into your next week, my friends, take it into your lives:

  • Pay attention daily. 

  • Feed your body nutritious food.

  • Get healthy exercise.

  • Soak up some nature.

  • Have a few laughs.

  • Spend time with loved ones.

  • Sit with yourself for a minute.



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Until Next Week, Be Well and Be Good!