Top 5 Tips for Managing Overwhelm

Top 5 Tips for Managing Overwhelm

OMG, you guys!!

First:  hello, and happy Sunday!  Second:  OMG, you guys!

Am I the only one who has been crazy busy lately?!  I bet not!

Let me tell you, I’ve had my hands full these past couple of months putting together an AMAZING new program I’m SUPER excited about:  the “All In” Online Workshop!  Check it out HERE! (FYI, Introductory Pricing is good through June 30, 2019!)

If you have ever taken on something new, something big, something that consumes all of your energy and focus… then you know it can be very emotional and overwhelming… well, I am not exempt!

OMG, I feel like I could sleep for DAYS!!!

Here are a few tricks that I use when the going gets tough… tired… dizzying…

(BTW, feeding your body healthy and delicious food is supremely important when managing overwhelm… but we’ll talk about that in a different post!)

Top 5 Tips for Managing Overwhelm

1.      Get Outside!

Mother Nature is my first go-to, every time!  Fresh air, simplicity, chirping birds… yes please!

2.      Move Your Body!

There it is again, I will always tell you to get up off that couch, my friend!  Get your bod moving and your blood pumping, soon your mind will start clearing!

3.      Spend Time with Friends!

I cannot stress HOW IMPORTANT friends are. Social relationships, feeling included, feeling cared for, feeling valued… you NEED this in your life.  It is a CRUCIAL part of health! Reach out, your friends are there to help!

4.      Remind Yourself:  This Too Shall Pass!

It is a moment in time, friends, a moment in time.  Some of these moments require a few tears, an extended nap, a scoop of ice cream… but after your moment, get on up and keep on keepin’ on, because you’ve got people waiting for that unique awesomeness that you bring to this crazy beautiful world!

5.      Do What Fills Your Heart!

The other four things I listed above fill my heart… and so do MY KITTIES (they are my world!), DANCING (makes me feel alive!), and CLIENT CALLS (remind me how I contribute to others’ health!). 


I hope this speaks to you today. So, tell me, what fills YOUR heart?!?!?!  Share below!!!

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Until Next Week, Be Well and Be Good!