The RE-Store


This group of programs is designed for those of you who are on a pretty good track, but maybe just need a quick RE-STORE in a certain area of your health.  Given that these are short 4-week programs, each is intended to address ONE specific goal.  During your initial 30-minute complimentary consultation, we will determine what that goal is, and then I will tailor your program specifically to you!

Each program in the RE-Store group consists of:

* four 30-minute sessions, one per week

* handouts, worksheets, and 10% referral offers (inquire for details!)

* mid-week check-ins via text or email (whichever you prefer)

* the opportunity to purchase additional sessions during the course of your program for a reduced rate!

(Sign up for all five and receive a discount!)


The RE-plenish

* This is your 4-week BODY detox

* Maybe you:

  • want to lose a few pounds

  • need help choosing healthier foods

  • want exercise ideas and accountability


The RE-set

* This is your 4-week MIND detox

* Maybe you:

  • are chronically stressed out

  • tend toward a "glass is half empty" mentality

  • worry too much


The RE-fresh

* This is your 4-week SPIRIT detox

* Maybe you:

  • are seeking a new spiritual practice

  • are simply a little bored in your life and want to find something that feeds your soul

  • want to get a couple steps closer to your bliss


The RE-vive

* This is your 4-week LOVE detox

* Maybe you:

  • are feeling "stuck" in your relationships

  • want to fall back in love with your work

  • need to spend more time developing a loving relationship with yourself


The RE-veal

* This is your 4-week EXPRESSION detox

* Maybe you:

  • don't feel "heard" in conversations

  • want to get in touch with your own unique style

  • want to explore your creativity and find your art





Let's Get Creative!

If you have another idea in mind for your unique goals, let's chat about how we can develop a new program to help you succeed!

Click the "Contact" button, and email me to schedule your complimentary consultation... take the first step toward finding YOUR fancy!