Group Goals


Group Goals is a 12-week group coaching program designed for 2-6 clients per group.  Some people prefer the camaraderie of a group; they enjoy sharing goals and feeling connected.  Others can relate to this conversation with a friend:  "Are you going to sign up?"... "I'll do it if you do it!"  Maybe you'll bring your best friend along for the ride, or maybe you'll meet a new one along the way!

In a group coaching program, you can look forward to meeting new people, engaging with others in a dynamic way, exploring your own forms of communication within the context of a group, hearing others' ideas, and sharing your insights.

Because of the nature of group coaching, it cannot be as individualized as an individual program.  During our sessions, I will lead the group in topics based on the Orange Fedora pillars of health:  BODY, MIND, SPIRIT, LOVE, and EXPRESSION.  Each person will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings, as well as ask questions along the way. 


Group Goals consists of:

* six 50-minute sessions, every other week

* handouts and worksheets

* weekly email check-ins

* the opportunity to purchase an individual program at a 10% discount at the conclusion of Group Goals!






Let's Get Creative!

If you have another idea in mind for your unique goals, let's chat about how we can develop a new program to help you succeed!

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