Are you looking for some great go-to health and wellness products, but don't have time to sift through pros and cons of the endless options out there?

I am here to help!  Check back regularly as I add some of my absolutely FAVORITE items below!

Shop Green Beauty At The Detox Market

The Detox Market

Oh my gosh, I am SO excited to share this site with you guys!!!  The Detox Market is an awesome one-stop shop for natural beauty and wellness products with top-notch standards and super easy navigation!  My favorite spot on this site?  The "Top 5s" list... a quick way to select a new top product!  Wait, I also love "The Detox Box" - I mean who doesn't want a monthly surprise box of natural beauty products?!

Check them out; you're sure to fall in love with something at The Detox Market!


Meet my personal favorite protein powder!  I have included this link for you to go to the main website so you can check out all of the Sunwarrior products, but if you want my opinion... the Classic PLUS protein powder is a MUST!  Check this out:

* organic

* vegan

* no added sugars

* soy free

* gluten free

* dairy free

* NON-GMO Project verified!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is DELICIOUS!!!  Smooth and creamy... I usually use coconut milk and frozen blueberries with the chocolate powder... it's like dessert!  Also, check out their SOL bars - phenomenal protein bars when you're on the run!


Welcome to - quite simply - THE BEST athletic wear EVER!  I have been a Fabletics VIP member for years now, and ALL of my workout wear and athleisure wear come from this fabulous Kate Hudson company!  I also have some of their awesome accessories, including a brand new backpack that is perfect for my airport "personal item" in lieu of a purse (since my laptop doesn't fit in my purse!).

Here are just a few of the reasons I love being a VIP member:

* you get a WILD discount off your first outfit (see the $19 over there to your left?!)

* membership is FREE

* you have the ability to skip the month if you don't feel the need to purchase something during a financial crunch (in other words, you are never forced to buy anything, and there is no penalty!)

* the company is upfront - no hidden games, gimmicks, etc.

* their customer service is superb

* did I mention the products are TOP-NOTCH in quality, comfort, durability, and style?!?!?!

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